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Apr 27, 2009 09:00 PM

Silpat vs silpat clones vs silicone baking mats

I'm considering buying myself a baking mat and need some CHer-input on which one works the best. Why is Silpat double the price of the others? Is it much better? What is the difference between having a silpat-style mat (fiberglass sandwiched between silicone) vs. plain silicone mat? I plan on using it mostly for baking cookies and bread but have also heard it works well for oven roasting potatoes, chicken, etc. Any thoughts?

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  1. I haven't tried a non-fiberglass mat, but I believe the fiberglass helps the bottoms brown up better.

    As for the difference between Silpat and off-brands like Exo-pat, as far as I can tell they work comprably well.

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      I have the Matfer Exo-pat and they've held up well over the years (8+). I purchased mine on Amazon and didn't pay more than $10. I bought the Matfer over Silpat because of the cost.

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        I have Silpat and Exopat and have been using them both for about 7 years. No difference in the least. Buy what's available and affordable.

        I have also gotten the thin teflon sheets. Great for lining the oven bottom and the carousel in the microwave. Also great for cutting to line baking pans. They are also great when you want a crispy bottom to your cookies because they don't insulate like the thicker silicone/fiberglass mats.

        There are also thin silicone liners put out by companies like Wilton and Kitchen Aid. Skip them. They're neither this nor that and relatively useless as far as I can tell.

    2. I have a Silpat and somewhere I have a sheet of teflon. The teflon was/is thin and not all that great IMHO but I really like the Silpat.

      They can be had for less than $20 on ebay.


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      1. I have 2 Matfer mats and they work great. Cookies and other baked goods slip right off. I've never used a Silpat, so I can't compare, but can't imagine they work so much better as to justify the higher cost. I've also rolled out doughs and pie crusts on the Matfer and, if you have a dusting of flour under the dough, they don't stick to the mat.

        I also have a red silicone mat (no fiberglass) and I've found that stickier dough items don't slide off as easily and rolling out dough is just a messy task. It's also harder to clean (maybe mine is just junk, though).

        Go for a Matfer (you should be able to find it on Amazon for about $10... the price goes up and down regularly, wait for the lower one) and I think you'll be happy.

        1. Thanks for the input! I will keep a look out for the Matfer mats :-)

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            I use matfer mats as well, and they work fine. (I've had some of mine for over 5 years now and still going strong.)

            As to the price, I paid about $8.50 a piece for mine (1/2 sheet size) - but I have been watching the prices daily on Amazon and the price hasn't dropped below $15.49 for months now. (That's not to say they won't drop tomorrow - such is the nature of Amazon.)

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