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Kosher in Las Vegas?

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Will be there next week. Will have a car. Meat? Dairy? Anything?

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  1. I have not been there recently, but there have been several Las Vegas discussions during the previous year on this kosher board, so try searching.

    1. Venetian/Palazzo have 3 Coffee Bean and Tea Leafs...breakfast and lunch available. There is pizza, chinese, israeli, fancy...contact chabad of las vegas. Their website gives a list of places. You shouldn't have a problem at all.

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        We were there in January. Went to Coffee Bean a few times for breakfast- was good but very expensive. (iced tea $5, muffin $4)

        Panini Cafe was excellent- we went there several times. It's a dairy place- good for breakfast and lunch. Prices were good, food was delicious, excellent service.

        Right across the street from Panini Cafe is Albertson's. They had a very large kosher section with prepared takeout. Also, many regular kosher products. We bought lettuce and kosher salad dressing and had salad for lunch one day.

      2. Here are some of the links -