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Apr 27, 2009 08:25 PM

Vegan or Vegetarian in Vegas

Will be in town 3 days next week. Are there veg restaurants of note? Appropriate dishes at non-veg restaurants would work too. TIA

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  1. Origin India off strip on Paradise by the Hard Rock Casino is a great place for vegans, vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. The spinach and potatoes are wonderful. There was dal, rice, naan, a sweet potato salad and several other vegetarian dishes. Service was wonderful, too.

    Origin India
    4480 Paradise Road, Suite 1200, Las Vegas, NV 89169

    1. Komol Thai, in the Commercial Center (953 E. Sahara) and is strictly vegetarian. Many dishes are vegan.

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        I see reviews on Yelp complimenting the chicken fried rice at Komol. And I think I saw some praise for other meat dishes as well. Are you sure it's still strickly vegetarian?
        Going to LOS for a big blow out dinner in a few weeks and I thought I might try this place one night just to see what ti's like.

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          Komol is not entirely vegetarian; they have a full array of meat and seafood dishes. But they do have what is probably the most extensive vegetarian menu in Las Vegas - a quick count shows about 80 options (counting appetizers and soups). Many of them are vegan, and they are among the few places where gluten can be substituted for tofu in some of the creations. Note that their heat scale is rather serious - instead of the Lotus 1-10 system they use mild, medium and hot. Consider their "medium" to be the equivalent of a 7-8 at Lotus.

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            Llsten to QAW. He is wise beyond his years. Komol used to be vegetarian, but switched a while ago.

        2. I have the same question. I'll be in Vegas for work for a few days in December and was wondering what the Vegan options are. Does anyone know the best Veg friendly buffets? Any suggestions other then what was already mentioned here? Thanks!

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            Go to Lotus of Siam. Phenomenal. Get the northern mushroom dip and the spicy rice with tofu. Unbelievable. Vegan. Fantastic.

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              Are you sure there is no fish sauce in the mushroom dip?

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Ronalds Donuts on Spring Mountain. Two words - Vegan Donuts!