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Where do you get your hamburger buns?

as close to Westwood as possible.

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  1. I like the brioche buns from Trader Joe's.

    1. the buns that are made daily from Bob's Market in Santa Monica on Ocean Park. They are sitting on top of the butcher counter.

      1. Smart & Final. A dozen 4-1/2 inch sesame seed buns costs $2.29. They are packaged under the name of S & F's house brand but I believe they are made by the Oroweat Bakery.

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          thanks for this tip. cost effective and very edible.

        2. I dislike sweet bread around my burgers, generally speaking, and like buns that are tender to the bite but don't melt when wet. While brioche is acceptable to me, the best burger buns I've tried are Trader Joe's ciabatta rolls. Last year I grilled a bunch of their Steakburgers (which now seem to have disappeared, dammit!) and served them on those rolls to universal acclaim from all who tried them.

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            Second these rolls... They hold up WAY better than any store bought rolls we've tried...


            Although for the most part... P. makes our own



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              The picture of the homemade buns looks great. I've never made buns before and I always just buy them from the store. I haven't bought any that stood out, but I'm loving this thread. I'll have to try some of these suggestions.

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              Thanks, I'm with you. I like a crunchy exterior; the softness doesn't matter too much to me. I don't like sweet, either. TJ's ciabatta rolls it will be, then.

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                Okay...I was looking through the breads at TJ's yesterday, and the bun-type rolls I was seeing were not ciabatta, but focaccia! So is my memory playing tricks on me, or did the rolls change? Both of these things may be equally possible...

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                  Will, I went to TJ's last week specifically for "ciabatta rolls," but I didn't see any, either. I went with the par-baked mini panini rolls, which are ciabatta-like in nature...

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                    Then I have to assume the focaccia rolls WERE the ones I got. Hey, it's all Italian...

            3. Bristol Farms...hands down! They're fresh buns are really exceptional imo.

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                im with jaykayyen all the way...ive never read anything about using english muffins on the bun threads...its the only way to go if you like crunchy exteriors..to be specific, Thomas' extra large!!!

              2. The potato buns at Vons/Pavilions.

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                  Oroweat and Vons both make the big, whopper-size potato bun hamburger buns. The bottoms of those make the WORLD'S BEST FRENCH TOAST, so we use two tops on each burger sometimes!

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                    Oddly enough, my hubby loves the orowheat country white buns for both hamburgers and hot dogs. Everything else, he says, is just ordinary. Personally, I don't care much for the bun so long as the burger and the toppings are superb...at times, I'd rather go low-carb and have it wrapped in lettuce.

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                    Also, if you want to build a bigger burger ;-D -- Vons/Pavillions also has delicious kaiser rolls which are great for any kind of sandwich. They are plain, or with poppy or sesame seeds. I think there are 6 to a bag for about $3.50. The rolls, as well as their "Farmstyle" bread, are the best-tasting supermarket label white sandwich breads I have found.

                  3. Easy to make tasty rolls, as Albertsons has a good refrigerated dough...though I forget the name. I like the bun at Baby Blues grilled with butter before building the burger. They get it from Ca' d' Oro on Pico, just east of Lincoln. Not sure if they have them in stock, or if it is a custom order though. Way delicious, and great texture without being to crunchy.

                    1. Ralphs Supermarket - in the Ralphs fresh bakery there are bins with Hamburger size buns. You will need to cut them in half. Some have poppy seeds and others do not. Whenever we have a backyard burger BBQ we get lots of these buns because of several reasons. The texture is soft inside yet the crust is strong enough / sturdy enough to allow you to grasp your burger. In fact there might be a slight tug-and-chew of the thin crust. The inside is light and airy so you really are not overeating bread either. Finally, they are always fresh made. Sometimes the selection might be limited in the afternoon, so find out when they come out of the oven and be there soon after that.

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                        ah, yes, I sometimes forget about the fresh bakery!