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Apr 27, 2009 07:41 PM

Rec's for Centre for Performing Arts (YYC)?

My family has tickets for Theatre Calgary this Saturday, and my father wants to treat us to dinner beforehand. In total there will be 7 of us. Now, what we're looking for is a place with a good steak and or prime rib, options for those looking to reduce calorie counts, not over the top in terms of price (Entree's in the $20 to $35 range), and within a reasonable walking distance of the Centre for Performing Arts.

At this point, the options I'm considering are:
Milestones (last resort)

Can anyone comment?

PS. Anyone know why, when I Google Saltlik, I'm directed to the website for Ruth's Chris?

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  1. I'd suggest Centini's, they're just across the street and they're running a 3 course table d'hôte for $45, this weeks menu looks like they'd fit your criteria.


    PS: My 2 cents about Saltlik, I've only been there once...their choices were very red meat heavy and not a place I'd recommend when counting calories...or for stellar service.

    ETA: Link to saltlik http://www.saltliksteakhouse.com/sl.html

    1. Teatros is loevley and on the upper end of your price range. Directly across the street from theatre calgary.. and one of my all time fav's inthe city!


      I would skip saltlik... it's a more expensive Earls.. and they served me a frozen piece of fish one.. :( ewww.

      Milestones.. ho hum.. chain rest. you know what you are in for.

      What about trying Tribune http://www.thetribunerestaurant.ca/

      1. I like Divino's, it's only a little further than Saltlik, which I don't care for (although I've only been once). Murrieta's is good too, a little further. I've never been to Julliard, always meant to try it so if you go be sure to post up a review!

        1. I'm pretty sure julliard's has succombed to the economic downturn and is closed as of about 2weeks ago.