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Apr 27, 2009 07:03 PM

Favorite recipe for hookah?

I recently bought a hookah & I want some good dishes to serve when I have people over for hookah.
I'm basically a vegan that eats fish & all that I can think of to make right now is hummus & tea.
I've never been to a hookah bar (sad, I know), so I don't know what they would normally serve... anyone have any good ideas?

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  1. Tabbouleh goes with the hummus and tea.
    It really depends on what tobacco you are smoking - there is a wide assortment of flavors. My favorite was always mint.

    1. I would suggest the following: Hummas tahina, pita bread, baba ganoush, tabbouleh, couscous, falafil, and chickpea w/ olives. Also I would suggest to checking out "The hookah forum" and make a post about food there as well. When I first got my hookah they were all very helpful!

      1. You could go a traditional route of mezze, serving a series of hot and cold snacks that would satisfy hunger without detracting from the flavor of the tobacco. There is a wide variety of options for someone with your dietary restrictions: hummus, stuffed grape leaves, muhammara, baba ghannouj, pumpkin kibbeh, za'atar pita, octopus salad, grilled smelts, fried cauliflower, falafel, pickled beets and perhaps some halvah for a sweet dish.

        If you are serving hard drinks, you might consider going with rum or arak, some of which can be poured into the hookah as well to lend the air a slight liquorice flavor.

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          Wow, all of these sound great. Thanks for the input!

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            this sounds like the most fun recipe yet.

          2. Do you have a tagine? seems like hookahs and tagine cookery go together. Le Creuset makes a good one and there are innumerable and increasing recipes out there.

            (though, if you follow 'thew's" advice all you have to serve is Oreo cookies, as I recall from a dim dark past!)

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              no I don't.. I've been considering getting one for a while.
              This might just be the perfect excuse.