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I won a g/c to Mediocore resto's Help! [moved from Ontario board]

Don't get me wrong, I am happy to have won and am very appreciative. Here are my choices:
Harveys, Swiss Chalet, Milestones, Montana's or Kelseys. It's a toss up between Swiss Chalet and Montana's. I couldn't find many chow reviews on Montana's. Anyone been there and like any of their food? I realize it's corporate no-love chain food so let's spare the disses because it's very easy and tell me what you do like at Montana's if anything?

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  1. how much is the gc for?

    i'd do multiple meals at harveys instead of blowing it all in a higher price point one

    with that said, i enjoy swiss chalet.
    montanas is good if you want to gorge on mediocre unlimited ribs....

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      $50 bucks. I want to try Montana's but it all seems super fattening. Swiss Chalet poutine...hmmmm.

    2. I was taken to a Swiss Chalet, and didn't expect much, but they delivered more. It was at Morningside and Sheppard, and perhaps individual locations are different. The chicken was done nicely, and it should be if it is their specialty. Sides were boringly acceptable. Service excellent, at a quiet time.
      I'm not sure I could trust anything at Montana's, except the steak if done to order (That's a big if!)

      1. I've heard good things about Milestones, actually. Your gift certificate may not go as far there as at Swiss Chalet or Harveys, though, as others have mentioned. Either way, enjoy!

        1. I also got a GC for these places, but it is also good at Second Cup. That's where I plan to spend mine, taking a friend out for coffee or my kids out for a treat!

          1. Swiss Chalet's poutine is pretty decent!

            I know it's not authentic, but I actually like Montana's cornbread. Maybe you could spend it all on that? I don't think I've ever eaten at a Milestone's.

            1. I have to say that I very much enjoyed the prime rib dinner at Milestones a few months back. Better than I expected.

              1. As far as chain food goes, I've had far worse than Milestones. And now that patio weather is here, the one above Yonge-Dundas Square is supposed to have a very nice one overlooking all of the touristy hubbub. I wouldn't mind a free dinner there at all - embrace it and pretend you're visiting from Des Moines or something. :)

                1. Use it on booze. Any place will do.

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                    Out of all of them I'd probably avoid Montanas. I used to like to get sandwhiches there when traveling. Last time I ordered the brisket sandwhich, it's not great but usually enjoyable. Waiter returned and informed me that they wouldn't be able to defrost the meat in time to get me a sandwhich. I don't expect a smoker or whatrever but that turned me off the place for good.

                    But yeah fast food from Swiss or booze from any of them would be good!

                  2. I've had plenty of steaks at Montana's; with a salad, baked potato and cornbread, you can't go wrong. Just be sure to tell your server EXACTLY how you want your steak - don't say "medium" or "rare", say "pink centre" or "red centre" or whatever.

                    However, I still think on a bang-for-buck basis, you get a much better value at Swiss Chalet. The chicken is usually good (especially if you go to a place that's fairly busy), and if you don't like baked, their fries are the best fast food fries in the city, IMHO.

                    I'd avoid Milestones - overpriced everything, lackluster service, overall meh.

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                      i'd say no to milestones as well. was there last year just because we wanted to catch the view and some drinks on a lazy day but i get hungry so we ordered a few things to share, just terrible. i know the mini burgers/sliders are likely bound for disappointment but hey why not they say they're kobe (!?). what results is essentially slices of meat loaf on buns. i can't recall what else we ordered exactly but it was either teeny portions or just terribly done.

                      i'd go swiss chalet too!

                    2. I've received a few of those GCs and I find ordering delivery from Swiss Chalet online is very convenient & fast, when we need dinner quick or the in-laws are over. Personally while I agree the fries are decent, I am more of a salad person and I like the garden salad which I find is better quality than a lot of chain salads - usually, but not always.

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                        If you're limiting your choice to either SC or Montana's, then go with SC. I find the quesadilla surprisingly delicious there btw.

                        My choice would be Milestones

                      2. FF, I did just today see that Milestones has a promotion this Wednesday, April 29th: from 4 PM until close, order any two appetizers or two entrees (or two appetizers AND two entrees) from the Milestones menu, and one of every two will be free.

                        I do get that you were primarily intending to chose between Montana's and Swiss Chalet, but thought I'd point out the potential extra value for Milestones with that deal, which might make it a more attractive option to you. (I know for myself, that I've generally found Milestones food a bit better than SC or Montana's, but maybe a little overpriced; a deal like this is a mitigating factor.)

                        Details on their "Date Night" promotion pops up (at least for now) if you go to their website at http://www.milestonesrestaurants.com/

                        1. I have never found anything I like to eat at Milestones. But the slushy drinks are great, the peach bellini mmmm. Surprisingly the mojito is not bad either.
                          I actually like Swiss Chalet, for a family meal it is reasonable and the food is okay. I always get the same thing though, quarter dark with fries.

                          1. Even by chain restaurant standards, Montana's is terrible (based upon three "pre movie" type visits). To be honest, with reasonably set expectations, I wouldn't have a problem with a free meal from Milestones. The rest are basically a toss-up, but even if hungry and stuck with no other options, I'd probably starve as opposed to eat at Montana's.

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                              I agree with you, but the OP asked that we try to avoid any dissing, due to the fact that it is to easy.

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                                Oops. Fair enough. My opinion: Milestones if looking for a reasonable lunch or a couple of drinks, Swiss Chalet if you want to order in a quick dinner, Harvey's if you're stuck in a Home Depot with a craving for a FF burger :)

                              1. Milestone's does a very nice brunch and their dinners are pretty decent too, but try the brunch.

                                1. Me, I would go for Swiss Chalet. (sorry I've been reading Joseph Boyden).