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Fiddlehead fever

Anyone seen a fiddlehead in a store yet? Starting to get the fever..

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  1. i think i saw them putting them out at my local GhettoBasket over the weekend.

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      You're a rip! Do you go in armed? BTW, did you try that new chic place on rt1 yet?

    2. Russo's had them this afternoon.

      1. Fruit Center Marketplace in East Milton Square had them on Sunday

        1. Whole Foods had a big basket of tender young fiddleheads. I think they were about $5 a lbs, but I don't have my receipt any more. Very delicious.

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            Russo's had them for $10 - I am shocked that WF has them for a reasonable price.
            You know how the reasonably priced produce has all sorts of "this is icky ordinary non-organic produce" signs? They must be the non-organic grown-in-landfill variety

          2. Spotted at Wilson Farms as well. Can't remember the price, just my shock at seeing it, and I didn't come home with any.

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              I saw them at Wilson Farms for about $7LB.

            2. Verrill Farm in Concord has fiddleheads, as well as ramps and their own spring parsnips (much sweeter than fall parsnips) and spinach!

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              1. Wilson Farms on Pleasant St in Lexington has them as well as their own local asparagus with a sign saying "picked today".

                1. The other Fruit Center Marketplace in Hingham has them also. These stores in East Milton and Hingham have the best produce around

                  1. I'd love to forage for fiddleheads and ramps. Anyone know a hot stop for Ostrich Ferns and I'll harvest for you. 50/50 *wink*

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                      If they're coming from Maine now it might be too late here? The shores of the Ipswich River seem like the kind of place.

                    2. Whole Foods, at least the one in Medford I know, has both fiddleheads and ramps...Fiddleheads are $5.99/lb, not sure about the price on ramps...

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                        Fiddleheads are up to $7.99/lb and ramps are $9.99/lb at the Medford WF today.

                        A pound is a LOT of fiddleheads.

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                          i noticed that today too! They went up to $7.99/lb! No fun but some pretty good samples at WF Medford today though...

                      2. Does anyone know of any restaurants which serve fiddlehead soup?

                        1. Go to Lionette's in the South End! Also likely there with fiddleheads: ramps.

                          1. Market Basket usually carries them.

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                              Roche Brothers in Needham has them for $6.99/pound

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                                Bought some this evening at MB. $4.99/lb. Last year, I discovered they freeze really well. Just blanch and bag.

                              2. saw some in Market Basket (Lowell, Tewksbury) over the weekend, didn't check price though.

                                1. Got mine at the Chelmsford Hannaford at 5 a pound. They look great!

                                  1. Got some at Star Market on McGrath highway for $4.99 lb Sunday.

                                    1. I've never eaten these before. What resturants are featuring them, so I can taste them before I attempt my own dish? Thanks.

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                                        Good idea - to me they just taste like grass cuttings, best to find out whether you like them first.

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                                          Hungry Mother is currently serving their roast chicken with a large pile of perfectly-cooked fiddleheads.

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                                            they remind me of a mild asparagus.

                                            1. re: ScubaSteve

                                              And I finally started to like them when I cook them the same way; tossed with EVOO and some salt, for 10 minutes in a 500 oven....

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                                              Just noticed Zing! the pizza place in Porter Sq has a fiddlehead pizza right now. (Haven't tried it.)

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                                                I had a slice of the fiddlehead pizza at Zing! for lunch the other day. It is a bit light on the fiddleheads -- there were maybe 3-4 on my generously sized slice -- so the fiddleheads really serve as a compliment to the mushrooms and cheese (fontina, I think), not as the main flavor. They do add a nice earthy/crunchy/nutty note, and blend well with the mushrooms. Overall a success, although the butternut squash/blue cheese pizza they have is still my favorite.

                                            3. A fiddlehead salad is on the current app menu at T.W. Food.


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                                                According to facebook, East Coast Grill has "buffalo fried fiddleheads with crumbled blue cheese" right now. I also had very nice simple sauteed fiddleheads last year at ECG.

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                                                  Thursday night we had fiddleheads at ECG simply sauteed with garlic and bacon. They were perfect - still crisp and full of flavor. My 8 year old ate almost the whole pile.

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                                                    The fresh veg o the day is generally a must at ECG, however they have somewhat beat the fried/buffalo prep to death for various veggies.

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                                                      Yes, I'm glad they went with the more simple prep the night we were there. Bit of a travesty to deep fry fiddleheads and coat them with buffalo sauce. Seriously...

                                                  2. This post caught my eye and I thought you might be interested to hear that I saw fiddleheads at the San Francisco Ferry Bldg. farmers market for $18.00/lb!!!
                                                    My folks live in NH and harvest them from their property; my mother was shocked to hear the prices out here!

                                                    1. Just picked some up on Sunday at Roche Bros on the Woburn/Burlington line.

                                                      1. Craigie on Main is offering fiddleheads as a side - we got a heaping bowl of them - tremendous flavor and really needed to offset the saltiness and fats of the steak dish w/ marrow, etc.

                                                        1. I've had fiddlehead soup and loved it but that's it. Picked some up last night and roasted some with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, red onions, poblano pepper, lemon juice, rosemary - all over pasta - we were very pleased although I need to do the fiddlesheads by themself to really get the flavor.

                                                          1. I cooked the fiddleheads from Roche Bros tonight. They were a little large, but still tender. Delicious!

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                                                              Yeah, I got some at the RB in Millis, and roasted them again. I'm loving this; it really brings out their flavor.

                                                            2. Bought them at the South Bay Stop n Shop on Saturday for $2.99 a pound.

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                                                                Rats! They're up to $5.99 a pound at the Stop n Shop at South Bay now. I got some anyway, but having grown up eating them for free it's hard to pay for them!

                                                              2. My husband got some at Fresh Pond WFM. We had them last night sauteed with onions, olive oil, and carrots and served with potatoes. YUM! He plans to buy more tomorrow.

                                                                1. First time I've seen 'em at my local Stop & Shop at North Quincy for $5.99/lb.

                                                                  1. we're up in Maine and have been served fiddleheads everywhere! The best preparation was at Hugo's where they were pickled and served with fresh asparagus. I found this when I looked up how to pickle them.


                                                                    1. I saw fiddleheads this morning at Whole Foods in Medford. They are $7.99 a pound.

                                                                      Whole Foods Market
                                                                      2151 Mystic Valley Pkwy, Medford, MA

                                                                      1. WF Hingham today for $5.99/lb. Looked okay, a little beat up. Didn't note where they were from. Too busy immediately brainstorming a new dinner plan for tonight! : )

                                                                        1. Would you believe Somerville's Star Market on Beacon Street? I forget the price, but on the cheaper side.

                                                                          1. love them
                                                                            get a crusty french type bread saute them with butter n garlic and and to scrambled eggs a sandwich to kill for

                                                                            1. Russo's had them last Sunday, and they were still quite fresh. They also had morels for $14/lb, and they also looked much fresher than usual (and they had quite a few). Made knorr-breadbowl type appetizer with homemade sourdough boules, hollowed out and filled with sauteed morels, fiddleheads, and leeks, roughly chopped with basil, then added mascarpone and balsamic vinegar. Toasted up the excess bread with raclette for dipping.