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Apr 27, 2009 06:08 PM

Lenny and Joe's, Westbrook, CT

Just got back from dinner here and I'm -very- pleased. I ordered a lobster roll and added on the salted potatoes. My husband just got the salad with ham and hard boiled egg (he hates seafood and nothing else on the menu appealed to him).

My lobster roll was perfect. Just lovely, fresh lobster and butter on a toasted bun (15.98). The red skinned potatoes were perfectly boiled, had a really good taste, and were very fresh. The coleslaw wasn't sticky, gooey overly sweet glop like often happens in seafood places. It was fresh, with a nice bite from celery seeds. I loved the potatoes and slaw so much I brought what was left back to the motel. :)

My husband's salad was fine, nothing to write home about but it looked fresh. he bleu cheese dressing wasn't anything special. He was content with it, and the price (6.99) was perfectly fine for what he got (it was a HUGE salad).

e got there near the end of their night so they weren't too busy. The service was prompt and nice,. The atmosphere was what you'd expect from a casual seafood shack. The prices were great. :) I am so glad I followed the recommendations of folks here on CH. You did good!

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  1. Try Johnny Ads on Route 1 in Old Saybrook imo its far better best lobster roll, clam strips and hot dogs in the northeast

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      I called them first, they were closer, but they closed at 7:30 and we weren't hungry yet. Lenny and Joe's was open until 9. :)

    2. I go to L & J's for the fried shrimp. I have not found better, including the famous northeastern Massachusetts fried seafood spots - Woodman's, Farnum's, or Clam Box.

      1. I've only been to the Madison location (right off 95) and always enjoyed it.