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Apr 27, 2009 04:52 PM

Anzac Biscuits - Unibic

Every Christmas for the last few years, the major supermarkets in Calgary stock Anzac Biscuits made by Unibic and sold under the Royal Canadian Legion name. I've been lucky that my local Calgary Coop has always ordered enough stock to last untill October or so.

Now that I'm back in Montreal, I'm trying to find out if anyone stock Anzac buscuits. I've been making my own, but I am running out of extra time to bake. What with trying to sign a lease on a new restaurant site.

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  1. Good luck. I doubt most folks here even know what an Anzac biscuit *is*. ;-) On the other hand, Loblaws is now stocking Tim Tams & Vegemite, so stranger things may happen. If I spot any Anzac biscuits around town, I'll let you know.

    Have you considered calling a Canadian Legion branch in Montreal to inquire, if they do have some connection?

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      I did call my local Legion (I'm a member) and they refered me to Ottawa.