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Apr 27, 2009 04:52 PM

Best cupcakes in T.O.?

I know this trend has probably jumped the shark but I tried some great cupcakes in Calgary recently and wondered what's good here. Red velvet, vanilla cake with choc icing, coconut. etc.?

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  1. In my view, the cupcakes at Flour on Eglinton near Bathurst is to die for.

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    1. re: Teffub

      Are you referring to Flour -- 883 Eglinton Ave West (416) 789-0222 ? --

      1. re: lamaranthe

        I bought a half dozen from Flour yesterday and while they aren't in my top two faves, they're definitely good. Moist cake (though the cupcakes aren't as chocolaty as I'd like) and nice icing though it's is a tad too insubstantial for my personal desire for "fudgier" icing. Still, tasty icing. I've tried the strawberry on chocolate and the chocolate on chocolate and I'll try more flavours today. So I think I'd say Flour is a good back-up cupcake stop.

        1. re: Ediblethoughts

          I finally tried them and they are ok but use a typical icing sugar frosting and not a cooked meringue buttercream which I personally prefer. I also read somewhere that they use cake mixes but that could just be a story.

      2. re: Teffub

        They are okay. I'm just sick of the same old cupcakes

        1. re: Teffub

          Flour's been my hands-down favourite. Its a wee step behind Calgary's Crave.
          Went there today after a two-month absence.
          the plan was to get two cupcakes.
          left with 1/2 dozen.

          my selections:
          mocha icing/choco cake
          oreo icing/marble cake
          fleur de sel
          mint icing/choco cake
          choco ganache

          the first two were new ones that I hadn't seen at Flour before. shared the mocha cupcake with my lady. we bought thought it was ok. i thought it wasn't nearly espressoey enough.

          i have a sweet tooth today, so i was going to try a bite of the oreo cupcake. a bite? no way. while Oreo seems so passe and boring, this was one of the best cupcakes i've had. amazing icing consistency (really silky and soft and airy) and the oreo crumbles on it worked amazingly. the marble cake was great as well. this is probably my favourite cupcake (although their mint choco cake is damn fine as well).

          still haven't had some of the west end cakes people talk about, but Flour is still #1 in my Toronto books.

            1. re: red dragon

              eglinton just west of Bathurst, right beside the PharmaPLus (south side of the road)

        2. I am a fan of the Cupcakery at St. Clair and Oakwood -- light and fluffy with buttercream icing that is delicious. I just polished off a pack of six this weekend (this batch was the tastiest I have had from them since they opened)! They also do a red velvet from time to time which is very yummy (had a couple of these on the w/e in fact).

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          1. re: Arcadiaseeker

            Just bought a half dozen from the Cupcakery. I was a little unimpressed with the size vs. price---and I rarely complain about the price of a cupcake. If they were a dollar more and normal cupcake size, I probably wouldn't have noticed anything amiss. However, I just tried the cookies and cream and I love the icing! Definitely more on the fudgier side of buttercream. This place has become my third fave with Flour at fourth.

          2. Red Velvet at Yummy Stuff on Queen near Roncesvalles.... soooooo good! Really moist, love the cream cheese icing. I make excuses to bring cupcakes to events so I can justify eating them :)

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            1. re: watt

              I totally agree on the red velvet at Yummy Stuff. I dno't like cream cheese but the the mix of sugar and butter with just the right hint of cream cheese is so good. And the raspberry-chocolate cup cake is a very good counter-point. It's hard to beat these cupcakes.

              1. re: Ediblethoughts

                I thought it was my imagination that I tasted raspberry in the red velvet from Yummy Stuff. While the cake was ok but odd (I wasn't expecting raspberry flavor), the icing was hard and crunchy and to put it mildly, I didn't like it.

                1. re: westcoastgal

                  It really does depend on which of the two "schools" of icing one fits into! I am a sweet-like-fudge icing person. If it's too smooth, I want to use it to butter my bread!

                  1. re: Ediblethoughts

                    Ok, Im going to answer all 3 if your posts- Bakes and Goods opened last week on Yonge just north of Eglington near No 44. Its on the same side of street as Cupcake Shoppe. The cupcakes are pretty good but the icing doesnt taste like anything. Sort of what I find at Cupcake Shoppe too. The strawberry is pink but tastes nothing like strawberry and I heard other customers question the owner on this and she said its because people dont like a strong flavor and women want a pretty pink icing but not the taste. Huh? Say what? I disagree. Anyways, icing is buttery, smooth and between a meringue and American frosting. I liked it more than most American icings, you may not. I was pleasantly surprised. Its because she heats her milk before adding sugar so it dissolves smooth and isnt grainy.
                    Yummy Stuff is the epitome of American style icing sugar frosting. Its what you make at
                    home with your kids following the recipe on the icing sugar bag and it hardens on your cookies or cipcakes. Yes, I know people like it- not for me. The raspberry red velvet threw me off but it was good. I always find the cake is good but I dislike the icings at places. Oh well. Im just too picky.
                    Yes, I am a HUGE fan of Swiss or Italian meringue buttercream and love love Bobbette&Belle, Wedding Cake Shop, Half Baked Ideas, Sweet Escapes& Dessert Lady type frosting. Judging by your posts and preference, I think you would enjoy Flour Studio on Eglington past Bathurst (in my freezer right now cause too sweet for us) and pretty
                    much all the other cupcake shops out there like Sweet Bliss, Short&Sweet, Life is Sweet, Cakes by Robert, etc., Do you like Prarie Girl? However, you may not like the cake part. Lol! Its always one is good and the other not for us. Like I enjoy the cake, not the icing but my sister will like the frosting, not the cake.
                    Judging my happy customers and steady business, many people prefer American icing like you. I wish places offered a choice? I only found one online company that does, think Crumbs&Co. Otherwise, its usually uncooked buttercream.
                    Oh, I had a cupcake at Pusateri's by Pauline which was good. I really like a red velvet by Baked Desserts.
                    I dont like all cooked buttercream places though. I think Dufflets is a cooked bc and I dont like them.
                    There are so many cupcakes out little time for me to eat them. Lol!

                    Oh, if you haven't tried them, I recommend Sullivan&Bleeker sold at Summerhill Market, Harvest Wagon, Pusateri's and some other spots or call them direct. If you like an American style uncooked frosting, you may really like these.
                    I cannot believe how many cupcakes I have bought&eaten! I still want to try Flourgirls and maybe Swirls, only because of rave reviews but Milton is an hour away and I have no reason to go there.
                    I hear Vaughn and Woodbridge have good cupcakes.
                    Alas, whats next? Donuts?

                    1. re: westcoastgal

                      I've been following along on your adventure. Props to you for a most through breakdown :)

              2. re: watt

                I found myself in Parkdale and finally had a chance to try Yummy Stuff. I tried a mini red velvet and choc with choc icing. Icing was just the right amount of creaminess and sweetness. The cake was hard on the outside and overall dry. I thought maybe it was because of their size. Then I tried a full size lemon - lemon buttercream icing with lemon cake filled with lemon curd. The icing was delish, the curd really full of lemon flavour and tart but not very much of it. Again the cake was dry and disappointing which is too bad because the other ingredients were spot on. I'll keep looking for just the right cupcake.....

                1. re: tuttebene

                  I'd suggest trying a full size red velvet. I wasn't that impressed with the chocolate on chocolate cup cake but the red velvet was very good--moist cupcake every time I've tried it. (Though I've also tried a very good cupcake from Pussateris from a bakery called Main Street---chocolate chip chocolate cupcake with very good buttercream icing. That's my other favourite cupcake.)

                  1. re: tuttebene

                    I agree with Ediblethoughts that you should give the full size red velvet a try - I've been disappointed when I got the mini ones as well. I'm sure that in part it's about how fresh the cupcake is, but in fact the only complaint I've heard from friends about the red velvet is that the cake is almost TOO moist!

                  2. re: watt

                    I love yummy stuff - the raspberry ones are my fave and the mrs. loves the cream cheese icing ones : P

                  3. Ms. Cora's Kitchen on Kensington in the Market makes amazing mini cupcakes.

                    I like the vegan coconut the best, which says a ton because I usually can't stand vegan food.

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                    1. re: Ender

                      Both my sister and I were completely dissapointed by Miss Cora's Kitchen. They did not have regular size cupcakes and the bit size were so small and nothing special

                    2. There is an older, bald, bearded gentleman in the North Market at St. Lawrence on Saturday mornings in the middle aisle about 1/3 of the way in from the Front St. entrance who has AMAZING cupcakes.

                      Get there early, they sell out well before noon.

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                      1. re: Yum2MyTum

                        Have never had the cupcakes, but his double chocolate cookies are stupendous. I've bought a few other things too – never been disappointed.

                        1. re: Atahualpa

                          I just tried out his date square. Pretty solid, if you like date squares. The cakes are also awesome. Do try the cupcakes Atahualpa -- they're his best product! Only, get there early...