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Carrot Cake

Any favorites on where to get a great piece of carrot cake? I'm not into cupcakes, so that rules out the thousands of carrot cake cupcakes I find everywhere. I've never tried the one at Modern Pastry because I've been turned off by the iced carrot and from looks, I prefer I higher cake to frosting ratio. My favorite carrot cake is from The Palm, but I'd like to try other ones. I've had the one at Mike's and was not impressed.


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  1. Rosie's Bakery in Chestnut Hill makes what most people think of as a very good carrot cake.

    1. Flour makes a decent carrot cake. Just had a piece last week.

      Flour Bakery + Cafe
      1595 Washington St, Boston, MA

      Flour Bakery + Cafe
      12 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA

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        I second Flour. Though I think their carrot cake is MUCH better than "decent". I brought a whole carrot cake to Easter Sunday once and everyone thought they had died and gone to heaven.

      2. Quebrada Bakery in Wellesley and Somerville (or is it Camridge??) makes an excellent carrot cake.

        1. Tried the carrot cake at Sel De La Terre the other night, in lieu of frosting they topped it with a toasted coconut & something ice cream. Utterly delicious.

          1. Try Konditor Meister. It's my favorite one. Even had it at my wedding. :)

            1. A couple of additional ideas in this thread from 2007:


              I've since tried a slice from Pemberton Farms in North Cambridge (thanks, gini!), and think it's about the best I've had away from home.

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                You just had to bring it up, huh? Now I have to go buy some. Thanks a lot.

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                  You go away for months, you don't write, you don't call, and now you bring the attitude? :) Glad you're still alive and chowing -- I saved you a slice.

              2. Cheesecake Factory has carrot cake entwined with swirls of cheese cake that is sinful!

                1. I like the carrot cake squares at Formaggio in Cambridge. They're about $2 and have a thin layer of cream cheese frosting.

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                    used to love Alden Merrills (long gone) - like Pemberton Farms, Rosies and Sweet Tooth in South Boston - one of the few things I don't like at Party Favor

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                      alden merrill's had the BEST carrot cake. i think they're still in business. a while back market basket advertised am's carrot cake, but only at the stores with in-house bakeries, which unfortunately let's out the somerville store where i shop.

                      but pemberton farms' is pretty close.

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                        Last week I drove to the Woburn Market Basket just for Alden Merrill's carrot loaf cake. It was as delicious as i remember from when there was an A.M. store here in Newton Center years ago. Frankly, it was worth the drive. They have larger A.M. cakes in a variety of other flavors too. Market Basket features A.M. cakes only in those stores with an in-house bakery. Loaf cakes are still a very affordable $4.50 each. Yum!

                    2. The Ashmont Grill in Dorchester has the most delicious carrot cake that I have ever had. It is so good that I travel from the north of town just for this yummy piece of cake. Great food, fun atmosphere, and tasty cocktails as well.

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                        Lambert's have very good carrot cake for $1.69 a big slice.

                      2. best carrot cake hands down is the giant sheetcake at Costco!!

                        1. If you want to bake one, the Cook's Illustrated "The Best New Recipe" has a great carrot cake.

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                            I use to frequent the Coolidge Corner Alden Merrills for all of my cakes. A friend of mine told me they have a factory store in Newburyport. I haven't been yet.