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Apr 27, 2009 04:25 PM

Dining in Palm Beach

Hi. We are going to Palm Beach at the end of May. Staying at Marriott's Ocean Pointe. Where should we eat? We love Italian, vegetarian, Mexican, and sushi? Also, are there any bakeries in the area? Or how about a good gelato or ice cream place? We prefer local places and not chain restaurants. We don't want anything too fancy, but might splurge one night. If there are any good lunch places too, let us know! Thanks!

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  1. there was a pretty good gelato place run by actual italians in city place. i forgot the name...

    1. Mamma Che Buono is the gelato place in CityPlace. It's quite good, and so is Sloan's a few stores down but Sloan's is ice cream not gelato (I prefer Sloan's, of the two). CityPlace is also a good place to people watch, listen to live music (Fri/Sat), grab a drink, or see a movie. I believe the Ocean Point is actually on Singer Island, so it may be just as quick to get to PBG/Jupiter area as it would Palm Beach, which in that case I would highly recommend either Food Shack or Leftover's Cafe in Jupiter. Great fresh seafood done very well. Both places have the same owner and are consistently packed. Yu-Mi Sushi in PBG is tops in the area (Skip Sushi Jo - not as fresh and little variety). Italian is not my specialty so I'll leave that rec to someone else but I've heard great things about Max & Eddies not too far from your hotel. Also, Pizza al Fresco on Worth Ave on the island is a cheap alternative on the island (very rare) and worthy of some attention. Good outdoor atmosphere as well. Authentic Mexican is a lost cause in the area, IMO, although there is a very cool place in downtown West Palm called Rocco's Tacos. Trendy scene, good atmosphere, not TOO overpriced, decent food and good drinks. It's a fun night out and right in the middle of West Palm nightlife. For a splurge night, check out Cafe Boulud on Palm Beach Island. Probably the best high-end restaurant around.

      Mama Che Buono -
      Sloan's -
      CityPlace -
      Food Shack -
      Leftovers Cafe -
      Max & Eddies -
      Rocco's Tacos -
      Cafe Boulud -

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        Thanks for all of your suggestions. I can't wait to check out the links! I appreciate your help!

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          Make sure you visit Leftover's or Food Shack and on a smiliar level The Reef Grill in Juno. All three are casual seafood and the best around at what they do.

          Reef Grill Juno
          12846 US Highway 1, Juno Beach, FL 33408

      2. For sushi: There isn't better than the sushi jo on belvedere road; I agree with ash that the one on PGA isn't nearly as good. There's also a wonderful sushi spot in Lantana called sushi bon, but if you're serious sushi folks, order off the specials board, which has stuff brought in daily from local fishermen. For Italian go to Carolina's in Delray; in a pinch Il Bellagio at City Place is pretty good too. Mexican: Tacos al Carbon on Lake Worth road is as authentic and delicious as it gets -- order the tacos, of course. Vegetarian: definitely Soma Cafe in Lake Worth, charming and cheap. A bit down from Soma in Lake Worth is Havana Hideout, a fun old florida kind of place with fish tacos and cuban sandwiches. Get a cafe con leche from Havana's take out window on Dixie and Forest Hill and you can consider yourselves honorary south floridians.

        1. You have to have breakfast on the beach by Lake Worth Pier. I forgot the name of it but you will know it because there is always a line

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            You are probably talking about John G's. Very good breakfast. Even better lunch. The fish and chips are unbeatable.

            John G's
            10 S Ocean Blvd, Lake Worth, FL

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              Thanks everyone for the tips! We are getting excited for our trip!