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BT Bistro-Princeton

BT (Bobby Trigg) Bistro is opening this week. This is Bobby Triggs new restaurant in the Clarion Palmer Inn on route 1.
Here is his web site

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  1. Same chef as the Ferry House Princeton.

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      Bobby Trigg is also the owner (or is it co-owner?) of The Ferry House and BT Bistro.

      According to on-line information, BT Bistro is scheduled to open today, April 30. Here is a recent article about BT Bistro that also contains some information about Trigg's third project, namely The Peacock Inn in Princeton.


      The Peacock project seems to have been going on forever but apparently it's very close to completion. I am going to post a separate message about this.

    2. Has anyone been here or tried this place yet?

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        We've been a couple of times and ate at the bar both times. Overall, food and service were both good, but nothing to make a special trip for. It's another option along Route 1 if you're in the area and lines are out the door at the neighboring chains.

        Overall vibe was inviting and casual. The redo of the former Charlie Browns includes two dining rooms off either side of the bar. The main dining room includes the old salad bar that Bobby left in place as a bit of whimsy from days gone by. The other is a smaller atrium room off the other side of the bar area.

        The large bar seats about 20 plus there's an array of tables surrounding it, so there's plenty of room for all. Martini's were well prepared by an experienced staff of three bartenders and pours of wine by the glass were generous. There's also a large selection of beers on tap and a tempting menu of bar aps.

        Our first time there was the weekend they opened. Very busy, but well staffed and managed. We started with the crab cake/tuna tartare and a crab margarita, then the salmon and the bone-in prime rib. Aps were similar to those at the Ferry House. Entrees were fine. One note was the prime rib was cut into sections for plating on a long rectangular plate. Not my preference, but whatcha going do.

        Second visit we had a couple of aps and split the roast duck leg and a romaine salad. The duck was actually two leg/thigh portions so it worked out well for a split. We enjoyed the duck and at $19, it's a relative bargain.

        We'll be back again.

        Also BT20 (Bobby's redo of the Peacock Inn) continues at a snail's pace. Word is they'll try to open the resto & lounge sometime this year, while work continues on the inn above.

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            Found this website for more info on the restaurant before going to try it out...I figured "what the heck." I must admit that my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal and service last night. I always like to try out a new restaurant, but never when the first open...lol! My own rule of thumb. The bar was actually pretty cool...I liked the vibe of the place (as did my wife). We're Ferry House regulars, so with Bobby having a license here, makes a life a bit easier...and especially with the parking! Kind of a big bonus for us! I agree with the apps being similar to the Ferry house, but always happy to know I can get my fried calamari there that we love. I have to disagree about the "Not worth making a special trip to" comment. We both agree that's a def well worth trip! But, to each their own...best to make your own decision on it. I do agree about the salad bar comment, I can live with or without it...and we opted to live without it. Plenty of other great options for us.

            For dinner, my wife had the scallops entree and I had the featured NY Strip (a dry aged one)...we loved our food, immensely...yes, my steak was sliced for "presentation", but I'm okay with it...as Foody4life stated, it's more of a preference...but we know Bobby's food presentations at the Ferry House. At any rate, we enjoyed their home made ice cream selections (we shared a toasted chocolate almond)...loved it!
            Hope this helps anyone else out!


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          BT Bistro gives really bad service. My family and I went there for lunch on a weekday. The girl at the front told us that there were no tables available and we could only sit at the bar, meanwhile, there were tables open and no one else came in during the duration of our lunch there. Then, my father had to meet us there, so he came in late. The waitress came to ask him for what he wanted before he had time to look at the menu, she knew he didn't look at the menu because the front desk girl walked in to give him the menu while the waitress was behind her. So he asked for a glass of water and asked the waitress to give him a minute to look at the menu. She never came back with the water and never came back to take his orders. We waited for 30mns. We of course will never go back there again. This was unacceptable, we felt like we were discriminated against for whatever the reason may be as other people are sitting at tables and eating quite happily. We of course will never go there again.

        2. I've been dying to go here. Can you do dinner @ the bar? Prices for actual dinner seem a bit over the top, but if the quality is worth it, I'm OK with that. The bar menu looks mighty tasty.

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            The hostess told me that we had a choice to eat in the bar area or in the dining room, and was told that we can have the same menu options as dining. To us, it was worth it. If it helps, read the review that just came out yesterday. As far as pricing goes, we've dined up and down the route 1 corridor and they're pretty comparable. Def worth the stop in! Hope this helps ya!

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              Meaning you could have bar menu in dining room? Vice versa? Or both?

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                You can order anything at the bar, from bar menu aps and snacks to a complete multi course dinner from the dinner menu. We had dinner twice at the bar and had items off both menus, both times. It's all available and all pretty good!

          2. So what's the latest on BT? I foudn out over the weekend that one of my friends in a chef at BT. Makes me a bit more interested to try it, but at the same point, might rather go to The Ferry House. -mJ

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              wanted to like it, but last I was there (at the bar) we ordered 5 dishes and 3 had to be sent back as they were ice cold (like, still frozen) granted they were likely frozen fingerfoods from a bag anyway, but, they had 'ice' in the middle.

              My wifes burger came out well done (ordered medium) and didn't have cheese on it (like she ordered)

              It's more of a 'decent place to go after work with co-workers' place with a decent restaurant attached to it.

              Granted, we didn't eat in the dining room, or order anything decent off the menu to begin with, but I figure if you can screw up deep fried and frozen.....

              the cocktails were real rough too, (don't order the sidecar, it's not a sidecar) but I'm a cocktail snob and a little too harsh on cocktail bars.

            2. Ate (in the dining room) at the end of December.
              We sat at a banquette against the wall and it was really dark...we had to grab some tea lights to illuminate the menus...but the space is nicely decorated.
              Service was not as good as my last visit to Ferry House, just kind of felt like our waiter disappeared a lot and we had to flag down a bus boy a couple of times.
              Food was tasty (no issues with temp)...I had an appetizer of mussels with tomato and fennel broth which was very generous and tasty. One sandy one, one "dud" in the batch. Entree was "Sautéed Medallions of Chicken set on Wild Mushroom Risotto with Fresh Herb Butter & Balsamic " which wasn't terribly unusual, but I think I was in one of those moods (haha). It needed a bit more balsamic drizzle, I remember it being kind of ho-hum. Hubby had fried calamari app (same as FH) and a special which sounded bizarre but he ordered it after seeing an adjacent table get it. Scallops served with pulled pork. Large sweet sea scallops perfectly seared and served on a bed of pulled pork. I don't eat pork, but tasted the scallop and it was excellent. Other couple had salads to start (IIRC), she had a pork chop special which looked pretty generous in size and he had a steak which he enjoyed. Desserts didn't catch our interest, nothing too unusual.
              Wine list is not huge but had a fair amount of reasonably priced selections.
              My opinion is that BT is a good option for a group dining together where some are more conservative in taste, since the menu is a little more straight forward. I will go back, it has enough "pluses" to say I'd recommend a return visit.

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                We are a local family, always looking for new places. BT Bistro is one of those places we say, "gee, we forgot about that restaurant" and decide we will try next time and then forget about it again. So, tonight on the way to another restaurant we drove past it and decided to give it a try. We were concerned that on a Saturday night at 7:30 we might not be able to get a table, but to our surprise there was only one other table occupied. Cut to the chase - our waiter was very nice and attentive - the food left much to be desired. In true Ferry House fashion - when your food arrives it never looks what you ordered. My husbands tilapia was good but the mussels that accompanied it were gritty and the garlic mashed potatoes were cold. My pork chop was overcooked with cold blue cheese mashed potatoes (I had requested the garlic mashed since I am not a fan of blue cheese) and the carrots that accompanied the dish were raw. The only good thing about the dish was the marinade. Will we go back? Probably not...we used to love the Ferry House when it was in Lambertville...

                Ferry House
                32 Witherspoon St, Princeton, NJ 08542

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                  I was there also on Saturday, undoubtedly the one table you saw occupied (a couple more people did come in later). It's hit or miss...the waiter was very nice and had a casual attitude to roll with our mood. Our dishes were all piping hot, but the little details do kind of make me wish they'd do some "tweaking"...I had a special of blackened fluke which was served over pineapple risotto and garnished with clams in a beer-based broth...which resulted in a soupy mess after a few minutes on the plate. And not surprising considering the slow business, I think our first round of rolls were stale/reheated. Hubby and his buddy had a special (which is almost always available) of scallops served with pulled pork and mashed potatoes, they both loved it.
                  Another note, we had been there in between Christmas/New Years and there has been no change to the menu in 3 months, which is also kind of a reason I don't feel like running back so soon. There's not that many items that interest me, and it is a fairly limited menu.

              2. BT Bistro appears to be CLOSED.

                Drove by at noon today and the BT Bistro name was spray painted black (blackened out) on the awning over the door. A note on the door said "the bistro" (not BT Bistro) was undergoing renovations and would open daily at 4.

                Looks like chef Trigg is scaling back again. First the changes leading to his eventual exit and not opening BT20 (at the Peacock Inn) and now BT Bistro.

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                  Drove past today. It looks like work is being done. Their website is still alive, and says that the place is being renovated....