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Apr 27, 2009 03:36 PM

Where should I *drive*?

I have a car this week for work, and I can drive somewhere normally not accessible by T - I've seen the "where can we go by T" question before, but not the other way around! What are you favorite places otherwise inaccessible?

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  1. Oishii, Too in Sudbury - really - totally worth the trip and much lower prices than the one in the South End (for similar but not identical menu) with more seating than the one in Chestnut Hill.

    Sushi Island is another great find in Wakefield Center worth a drive.

    Lobster Pool in Rockport if you 're up for a longer drive and spectacular outdoor sunset dinner (or my recent find in Essex - The Blue Marlin - but much less atmosphere there - just great fresh seafood)

    Moulton's in Medford if only for the lobster scampi - best value around - and delicious!

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      Good suggestions. Should note that it's actually possible to reach Wakefield Center via commuter rail or bus (but it takes a while from Boston), and Rockport can also be accessed via commuter rail (again takes a good while, and there's a bit of a walk to the waterfront area from the stop).

      Essex, Sudbury, and the area in Medford where Moulton's is are indeed anywhere from tough to impossible to access via public transportation.

      1. re: bachslunch

        Good point on Wakefield, however, where the Lobster Pool is in Rockport is REALLY far from any commuter rail stop I'm aware of - if it exists, it would be a long, slow bus ride around Cape Ann after the long commuter rail ride - it's out by Halibut Point State Park.

        Also, the founder sushi chef of Oishii (Kung, I think?) seems to be in Sudbury virtually every time we go there - and that's a really good thing - great to sit at the sushi bar and watch him/chat with him if it's not too busy.

        Finally, call ahead to Moulton's if it's only lobster you seek - we have been shut on on our last two visits because we came too late in the evening and all of it had been sold that day.

        1. re: bachslunch

          Its still worth a car ride, but to correct future misconceptions, the 96 bus out of Harvard or Davis can drop you off at Winthrop and George, less than a 5 minute walk to Moulton's. The 95 from Sullivan you can get off in front of the Medford Police station and cross the street, walk up to where Rt 16 East traffic is existing and walk down the South street, probably about 10 minutes. Additionally if you are coming from Medford Sq (more buses from Arlington or Malden/Wellington/Sullivan on Orange Line, a direct weekday bus from haymarket) there is a bridge to cross the river just past the center which can get you over to South st, probably a 10-12 minute walk total to Moulton's depending where you get off the bus (its hard to describe, but the bus drivers which pass in front 80,95,326 might be able to orient you correctly).

          1. re: itaunas

            Geez, I wish I"d known about chowhound when I lived in Medford!

      2. Speed's - yes, I know you can get there by public transit but you can't lean on the hood of the car while you eat your hot dog.

        The Clam Box in Essex. Jake's in Hull, Bell Island Seafood, Al Forno in Providence for Pizza.

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        1. re: BostonZest

          Belle Isle Seafood actually can be reached via public transportation if you take the Blue Line to Orient Heights and then walk several blocks (or take a Winthrop bus from the subway stop).

        2. Not sure where you're located and how long you have for lunch/dinner, but here's a few thoughts.

          If they're open, I'd think the clam shack places in Ipswich and Essex might be among the hardest good-quality spots to reach without a car. The Clam Box is a long way from the Ipswich commuter rail stop and not reachable via bus, while Essex (J.T. Farnham's, Woodman's, The Village) is neither reachable via commuter rail or bus.

          There are also a few decent Italian spots on the North Shore (Donatello's in Saugus, Ponte Vecchio in Danvers) that definitely can't be reached via public transport.

          J's at the Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton definitely can't be reached except by car.

          1. lowell. home to the second largest cambodian population in the country and full of se asian markets, banh mi shops, cambodian restaurants, vietnamese restaurants, and the only exclusively laotian restaurant in massachusetts

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            1. re: galangatron

              This is exactly what I'm looking for - thank you!

              1. re: ginafly

                which the #77 mass ave bus drives past, along with the #79 and #350...

                1. re: wonderwoman

                  Ah, yes, sorry. I think "public transit" and only think of trains, not the buses. This could be because the #1 bus has wronged me too many times. =)

                2. re: ginafly

                  The 77 Bus is the bus I ride the most. I need to try za (and blue ribbon BBQ!). I discovered it on a trip to Penzy's.

                  1. re: ginafly

                    More resounding support for Za from a regular there for at least the past couple of year - great food, nice beer/wine choices, reasonable prices, and super nice people! Open for lunch and dinner.