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Apr 27, 2009 03:26 PM

So you cooked.. but can you eat 'n' enjoy it alone?

I love buying fresh ingredients, trying new recipes and I'm pretty much ALWAYS in the kitchen doing something. When it comes to eating whatever I cooked and put my time and effort into I just don't feel happy eating it alone.
Does anyone else feel this way? And do you find you cook less or stick to simple and quick things instead of time consuming recipes that just don't seem worth it?

Anyone can share thoughts, vent a little or anything.

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  1. I like to cook for myself alone, and I don't mind eating alone either. I enjoy the process of cooking as much as the result. I feel freer to experiment and no pressure to finish at a certain time.

    1. I definitely cook a little simpler when I am alone but I enjoy it no less and do it all the time. I often enjoy cooking things for myself because I can tailor it to my own tastes and feel less pressure to make it "meal-y" (never mealy) - when I am cooking for other people I feel more pressure to have protein, starch, veggie in appropriate proportions whereas if I am by myself I can have a giant plate of brussel sprouts accented by a small baked sweet potato (as i am planning for tonight . . . dipped in a curried yogurt sauce) or whatever I want. Also, I can let the simpler flavors shine through whereas when cooking for others I feel more need to show off.

      One thing though is I rarely accompany wine with my dinner alone. I feel like a good glass of wine with dinner is best shared.

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        You're all absolutely right, I also love cooking alone in the kitchen, experimenting and not having to worry about presenting a perfect meal with all the courses, however it's really just the eating part I guess that gets to me, it's just a shame my appetite decreases tremendously when it comes time to eat alone, where as if I were with others I could really eat and enjoy my food.
        So far the only thing that really encourages me to put effort into cooking nice meals and work on plating is to at least get a good shot for my foodie photography hobby because it feels like I managed to keep a piece of it, and it's all not worth while, and if others actually sat down and enjoyed a meal I prepared with me then it just would feel "worth it"

        I certainly won't stop cooking either way..

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          I do the huge plate of veggies by myself when alone too! Also, when i'm eating alone, I can truly take my time eating.... i.e. eating the seared brussel sprouts leaf by leaf....

          1. re: kubasd

            I love what Cebca said about not feeling pressure to make a full "meal" when cooking for yourself. I'm usually cooking for myself, my DH and our son - and I love cooking for them. But I totally DO feel pressure to make something that qualifies as a meal in their eyes - whereas if I'm cooking for myself I feel completely free to make whatever the heck I feel like. I will say that I have been on a slow but steady campaign to get them to think outside the box on this issue just because it makes cooking much more enjopyable for me if I don't feel so hemmed in.

        2. Good timing on this post, however, since my boyfriend just moved out yesterday and I'm getting used to the idea of doing a lot of cooking alone (and planning dinner parties).

          1. You can find me in the kitchen - when I'm not out dining. I'll cook a full meal and enjoy it alone. And, when I'm alone, I can tweak the dinner to be exactly the way I want it - hot, spicy, often with a coo or tangy balance - and not for someone's palate. But I'll always welcome unexpected (or planned) guests to share in my creations.

            It's a Buddhist-like hobby - the focus, process and impermanence of making a meal. Ommm

            1. For the last year and a half, I'm with my 5 1/2 year old daughter half the time and alone the other half. Not counting entertaining, I cook more involved dishes when my daughter is with me. Its fun introducing her to new foods. I eat pretty well by myself as well, however.