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Apr 27, 2009 02:50 PM

Dinner in Beverly Hills

Looking for a restaurant with great food in Beverly Hills. Having dinner with a friend and we like to try new places. Any type of food is fine and a nice atmosphere would be great.

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    1. re: jkao1817

      Mako isn't exactly new...newer places would include LA Food Show, The Cabbage Patch, the restaurants at the Montage Hotel, the Luau, Katsu Sushi, Joss and M Cafe de Chaya...Allora Cucina was just opened by the Drago brothers...and not sure if Trilussa's replacement Villa Blanca has opened yet, but if it has, that would be THE newest!

    2. Jose Andres' The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel is our only L.A. Times 4 star and it is fabulous.

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      1. re: Bob Brooks

        Bazaar was good, but undeserving of 4 stars, IMO. 3 stars? Maybe. But not 4.

      2. A new restaurant in Beverly Hills called Villa Blanca - I highly recommend this restaurant! The owners hired a wonderful new executive chef whose name is Francis Dimitrius. He is the former executive chef of Koi in Beverly Hills. I had the pleasure of dining at Villa Blanca last week for lunch and Francis came out and asked how the meal was. This rarely occurs in Beverly Hills unless there is a celebrity sitting at the table. Chef Dimitrius also was kind enough to give me a few other tastings and they were absolutely outstanding! Again, I highly recommend this restaurant for lunch and dinner.

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        1. re: vont

          Beg to differ. I though Villa Blanca was extremely disappointing. The room is beautiful, but the service was poor, the noise impossible to talk over and the food nothing special, but lots of it. Took 20 minutes to get our drink order and then it came wrong. During that period the waitress asked us 3 times if we were ready to order. When I told her I would like something without butter, she said everything had butter, but we could do it grilled. Then she said 4 times it will only have a little butter. It was like a bad joke. On 2 occassions a passing waiter dropped plates which shattered. Really needs to get its act together.

        2. CUT is my choice. Also not new but good is Nic's on Canon.