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Apr 27, 2009 01:43 PM

Evelyn's Little Compton

Kinda dissapointed. Clam cakes were good, chowder had a grease slick on top, few clams and little flavor. The onion rings seemed the frozen kind. DC had a burger, reported just OK. We had clams Saturday so no go Sunday.

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  1. its to early in the season to make assumptions,weve had made 2 nice days so far,and Evelyns rarely disappoints.let them get going a few weeks,they have and well find that "groove",its early spring.weve had a couple of things at quitos over in Bristol this season that have been great,scallops have been really good this season so far.havent been to flos this year,actually its been like 4 years,once we started with quitos and evelyns..

    1. I like therie Rhode Island style chowder, the lobster roll and clam cakes. And, there is always the chop suey sandwich.

      1. Evelyn's is a favorite of mine. Can be bit pricey depending on the market but, for some of the best fried fish and scallops around, they can't be beat. Clam cakes are always good too. Fries and onion rings aren't all that exciting to me in general so they don't make or break a place for me.