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Apr 27, 2009 01:42 PM

Dog Friendly Patio Restaurants in SD..

Just got a new puppy (Kona) and looking to chow down with the hound in SD..
Where are your fav's to dine or drink with your dog on the patio?

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  1. There's always dogs at Hamilton's

    1. The California Retail Food Code specifically prohibits dogs other than service animals or patrol animals on the premises of a food facility.


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      1. re: nileg

        buzz kill..thanks nileg!
        ; )

        I added 'patio' to my post.

      2. Having two pups of my own, I respectfully offer up these sites and my congratulations on your new family member!


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        1. re: phee

          Lots of good ideas in those lists. I didn't see this one listed: Pacific Coast Grill in Solana Beach. No view, but a pleasant enough patio between the main restaurant and the parking lot. Good drinks and drink specials and okay to pretty good food. We’d go back.

          Be sure to report back, Beach Chick!

        2. Take Kona to Con Pane for lunch! They even have a water bowl outside for the pups.

          1. Terra has allowed dogs on their patio for years.