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Apr 27, 2009 01:05 PM

Best Tiramisu in the City

Recommendation for any fellows with a sweet tooth: Paradiso la casa del Tiramisu - a small charming cafe that opened recently on Ave B close to 7th street, lucky for me across the road from my house. absolutely amazing tiramisu made by Alessandra the owner following her family's recipe. 5-6 types (for starters try the classico). I took a few trays home for a party and everyone who tried it commented on how amazing this material is... try it, you will not regret

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  1. I actually tried this place for coffee a few months ago, and the first visit was tantalizingly promising -- I didn't have tiramisu, but my espresso made me feel like I was sitting in a cafe in Europe instead of the East Village: an intense but smooth shot served with the proper chaser of water. Perfect with the assortmet of little Italian cookies you can pick from at the bar. At three for a dollar, the whole thing was the most transporting $5 pick-me-up I've had practically anywhere in New York.

    However, the return trip for the main event was (like so many second times) a disappointment. By ~10 pm, there was only a tired-looking piece or two of the flavored tiramisus left, so my husband and I went for the classic version, of which the almost-complete casserole dish looked fairly fresh by comparison. Alas, maybe too fresh: though the bottom layer was almost soggy with coffee, parts of the top layer were completely dry. The cream was light and the overall flavor was good, but in my book, texture is the lynchpin of this dish. Now, I admit my standards are high: my husband, who I'd sung Paradiso's praises to, learned to make tiramisu in Tuscany and does a mean ladyfinger-mascarpone version himself. So that's my point of comparison, and I know it may not be fair to judge it against the "sheet cake" style. Still. I will make a point of going to Paradiso for coffee and cookies any time I'm in the EV, but for tiramisu, I think I'll work on getting my husband into the kitchen more often.


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