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Apr 27, 2009 12:46 PM

Sweet Tomato

Looking for a good sweet tomato, for sandwiches and salads. Any suggestions?

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  1. IMHO you need two different tomatoes. Cherry are better for salads, and larger slicing tomatoes are better for, well, slicing :)

    my favorites for salad are Grape or Sweet 100.

    as far as larger ones go, i've heard Gold Medal are incredibly sweet but i've never tried them. Brandywine is my favorite.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      Couldn't agree more! Home-grown slicing tomatoes are usually so juicy that they'll about ruin a green salad, so grape or cherry tomatoes are a better choice. And then a Brandywine or twelve for slicing.

    2. It's really going to depend on where you live. Where I live, we can't grow those long season tomatoes--we need quicker ripening types. Top varieties here are Fantastic, Celebrity, Champion, Big Beef, Brandy Boy . . . .

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        Forgot to mention that goodhealthgourmet is correct about the two different types of tomatoes. I find a lot of cherry varieties have tough skins and prefer grape types for salads.

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          I've got a nice long growing season, but I didn't pick up a good, early-ripening salad tomato when I was putting plants in last weekend. Thanks for the suggestions for something that might be ready before July 4th.

        2. Beefsteak and brandywine are 2 standbys for larger varieties. The trick, regardless of type, is to make sure it gets maximum time on the vine. Sugar is one of the last components to develope in a fruit as it matures.

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          1. re: Brandon Nelson

            And once picked (or purchased), don't refrigerate. Even after cutting open.

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              Most of the battles between my wife and I take place over her putting stuff I leave on the counter into the fridge.

          2. My favorite from the Tomato Mania seedlings is the Pineapple variety... it's large and VERY sweet...


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            1. re: Dommy

              Funny you should mention Pineapple, I just bought one for planting this season, cannot wait to taste!

              1. re: kpaumer

                It's a beautful hearty tomato... you will enjoy it for sure... I wished I could grow them myself, but the Tomato Mania guys did not recommend it for containers. I got some Golden Nuggest instead but thank goodness for the Farmers Market... :)


            2. For sandwiches, go with red or pink Brandywine tomatoes. They're the large beefsteak type tomatoes that can weigh a pound or more and are great for slicing. You don't find those too much in grocery stores but most farmer's markets will have them, and you can grow them from seed or buy seedlings from your garden center.

              For salads, just about any kind of cherry tomato will do. Sweet 100's are easily found at most grocery stores (and even if they're not labeled as such, any variety labeled "cherry tomatoes" at the store are probably Sweet 100's.)