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Apr 27, 2009 12:03 PM

Going to Bourbon Steak - recs?

Going to Bourbon Steak for the first time - I haven't seen too many reviews on Bourbon so would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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  1. The filet mignon is incredibly good but Mina's signature dish is the lobster pot pie at $85 (I've heard good things about the Bourbon Steak version but the only time I've tried it was in Vegas and the lobster was overcooked). If you like sweetbreads (or if you've never had good sweetbreads before), they're among some of the best. I also liked their seared foie gras. I didn't like the oxtail with marrow custard (overly salty, neither component retained much of their original flavor). The truffle mac 'n cheese is a good side if you really need to have more food. The soups are pretty good so try them if you like to start with soups.

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      Thank you so much. I adore sweetbreads so will have to try that out!

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        +1 for both Sweetbreads and Foie Gras (the latter was served a few weeks ago in "Cherry Blossom Essence," celebrating Spring in DC!)

        Meat was pretty darn good (no complaints but not the best either), my Wife loved her scallops, and the drinks were awesome, but a bit small.

        I agree with the Marrow comment as well - That place in Dupont on 'P' Street (forgot the name!) has much better marrow - at Bourbon it was tasteless.

        As for Sides, the Mac and Cheese was good but after Apps, bread, and steak we didn't really need any sides. Those that ordered Beef went home with lots of leftovers.

        Enjoy! We had lots of fun....