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Apr 27, 2009 11:47 AM

Food Magazines? Which is your favorite?

I want to subscribe to a few food magazines and wondered which shouldn't be missed. I like a magazine with a good balance of recipes/features/travel stories. I don't like crafty ideas or overly-processed food.

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  1. I like Bon Appetit and Cook's Illustrated - they don't have much on travel stories but I feel that it's a good solid food magazine.

    1. In 40 years of cooking, I've taken them all. The ones I go back to time and again are Cooks Illustrated; Food and Wine; Fine Cooking; Bon Appetit. That said, I am dropping Cook's Illustrated and taking the "on-lilne" version. There's been a lot a backing and forthing on this site about charging subscribers for "on-line" access. I won't pay for both Some charge for on-line and some do not. As far as travel related stories, I dropped Saveur because it became a "travel" magazine. Bon Appetit usually has one or two travel articles as does Food and Wine. All, except CI are beautifully photographed. Have fun!

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        You're right that CI isn't beautifully photographed, but the back cover art alone is worth the cost of the magazine! Someday, I think I'll take those covers and have them framed for my kitchen.

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          My two favorites are Art Culinare and Food Arts.

      2. I have Bon Appetit mags in various states of crusty disrepair dating back to the 70's. Some I inherited from my mom where I had, it seems, started my strange habit of writing commentary on recipes. Apparently I thought a particular cherry dessert from the mid seventies "Yuckablucky pitooey". My mom still laughs about that when she visits and sifts thru the old mags for something for us to make together.

        I have the giant Bon Ap. compilation book, but I always go back to the mags. Good "Other than food, but food related" features too.

        1. I love the pictues in Regal. It's a magazine from france.

          1. I like Donna Hay's magazine. The photography is gorgeous (each recipe has a photo to boot; I believe she was a food stylist originally), a good mix of fresh foods--vegetarian, carnivore, and ethnic options. I have a huge stack of them that I go through over and over again. Only downside is that it's Australian, so the seasons are opposite. (That's a good reason to keep a stack of them.) You can subscribe via Amazon or general Barnes & Noble and Whole Foods carries it. Generally, the recipes aren't too difficult, and you taste the ingredients, which is a big plus in my book.