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Apr 27, 2009 11:29 AM

Al Fresco dining in Williamsburg

Hi everyone,

I've lived in Wburg for about 6 months now and have been loving the food scene. I haven't been here for warm weather, however, and I love to eat outdoors. What are good spots that have outdoor dining here?

My list so far:
Fette Sau (amazing)
Lodge (haven't been but walk by)

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  1. I Like Fette Sau. Lodge is awful (I have bad fish twice 2 years ago), service is subpar and their food is below average for the price- ameteur hour. I would pass on them altogether even though their outside area looks nice. There are so many places eons better than Lodge with outside space.

    My faves are:
    Dressler, Marlow & Son, Aurora, Diner, Baci & Abracci, Fiore & Sweet Water (in that order).

    There's tons of al fresco options in Williamsburg, those are the ones I most frequent most. Enjoy!

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    1. re: malibu

      Thank you Malibu! Had no idea all those places offered outdoor dining.

      1. re: anonymousfoodperson

        Diner, Marlow and Dressler all have sidewalk full service tables. The others have full gardens hidden in the back.

        1. re: malibu

          I just read that DOC wine bar has outdoor seating? Has anyone tried this?

          1. re: anonymousfoodperson

            I have been to DOC a few times for food. It's more snack-like (cheese, anti-pasti and the likes). It's nice, but mainly we just go there for wine. PT, a restaurant on Bedford & S 3rd St., has the same ownership as DOC and they also have an amazing garden. They have a full italian menu and the food is lovely .... kind of funny I forgot about this one since I had my wedding dinner there! Highly recommended.

      2. re: malibu

        Dumont also has a lovely garden out back. I really love the food at Baci and Abracci, but find the interior acoustics prohibitively loud, so eating in the garden is a delight.

        Al fresco options litter Bedford Ave -- Bonita, Vera Cruz, Il Fornino, Fabiane's and Juliette all come to mind.

        1. re: chompchomp

          Yeah it is amazing how loud Baci is... literally need to shout at your table.

          Love the beet gnocci though!

      3. Thanks guys!

        Updated list:

        Fette Sau (patio area)
        Dressler (sidewalk)
        Marlow & Son (sidewalk)
        Aurora (garden)
        Diner (sidewalk)
        Baci & Abracci (garden)
        Fiore (garden)
        Sweet Water (garden)
        PT (garden)
        Dumont (garden)
        Vera Cruz
        Il Fornino
        Juliette (upstairs patio)

        Any others?

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        1. re: anonymousfoodperson

          The Rabbit Hole has a backyard garden (Bedford & S 3)

          1. re: anonymousfoodperson

            yeah, a good percentage of the places in the burg have outdoor space. more a question of kind of food / quality of the food, and vibe.

            list above covers most of the best. a few other options to add in...

            rain or shine patio's:
            acqua santa (not as tasty as aurora)
            radegast beer hall (retractable roof)
            miss favela (sidewalk, but open walls of doors make indoor seem out as well)

            bars with food and outdoor space:

            huckleberry (beautiful garden and gourmet lite bites)
            hope lounge (generally no food, but rotating guest 'chefs' on wednesdays this summer)
            union pool (taco truck in courtyard)
            east river grill (no food, but you can byo'cue and commandeer the grill)

            asian fare:

            bozu (sushi outdoors!)
            the new banh mi place on bedford (when the full resto opens shortly, has outdoor space)
            red bowl
            cheers thai

            other restos:

            relish (sometimes painful hipster service)
            el almacen
            my moon (not too tasty, but beautiful large outdoor space)
            surf bar (faux beach, so-so food. cheap lobster roll)
            nita nita
            roebling tea room

            ... and many more...