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Apr 27, 2009 11:27 AM

low key 30th bday dinner

Can anyone recommend a place for a very low key 30th birthday dinner, where I could stlil get a reservation for this coming Friday (May 1)? There will only be about five of us. It's a long story but my fiance is basically the anti-foodie, and is not into trendy or "nice" restaurants. It's his birthday so I obviously want him to enjoy where we are at!

Ray's the Steaks would be perfect but we are going there on Saturday. Is there anything else along those lines? He also loves Persian food... is obsessed with Moby Dick's but I think that is a little too casual.


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  1. How about Mama Ayesha's in Adams Morgan/Woodley Park?

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      Oh ya...I forgot about Mama Ayesha...that's a good recommendation.

    2. How about Creme on U St? Lots of cool places to go out to after or before dinner for a celebratory drink. The food is good and low-key---roasted chicken, steak, shrimp and grits etc. It would be a nice laid-back, intimate dinner for 5.

      Or you can try Sette Osteria for Italian--pizzas, pasta etc. If it's nice out on Friday ask for an outdoor table.

      I don't know that many Persian restaurants so I can't help you there. Sorry!

      1. I would give Cashions a call in Adams Morgan. If you want Middle Eastern food maybe Tabaq Bistro on U St? I'm not the biggest fan but you might like it. It can get a little crazy there sometimes on nice nights. Cafe Salsa on 14 st might be another nice place for you or the brand new Cava on 8th St on Barrack Row in Cap Hill (it's Greek-ish).

        1. Hmmm...sounds like he likes grilled meat. Perhaps a nice Brazilian BBQ? The Malibu grill in Falls Church is very reasonably priced. (Flat rate of $19 per person for endless meats, sides, and salad.) Do a Google search on it. (Its a real "man place"!)

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            You don't want to get stuffed on mediocre meat the night before you go to Ray's.

          2. Me Janna is unfortunately right beside Ray's, but has good a little more upscale Lebanese.

            I hate to say Zaytinya because it isn't really casual, and is pretty loud, but it might be flavors that he would like.

            There is a Persian place in Tyson's that is supposed to be great. I think it is called Shamshiry, you might search on here. I wouldn't go to Malibu Grill... I don't think the meat is that great, and the sides are lame compared to other Brazilian steakhouses.

            And what about Lebanese Taverna? It's a small family chain, but I think they have some very good dishes, it is casual?

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              Lebanese Taverna in Woodley has a lovely outdoor area.

              I'd recommend that or Mama Ayeshas. They'd both fit what you're looking for very well.

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                LT or Mama Ayesha's would be excellent choices. If you're in NoVa, the Lebanese Taverna at Pentagon Row is really attractive inside.

                Zaytinya might be a little too hip for your fiance, but he probably would like the food.