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Apr 27, 2009 11:23 AM

Ultimate BLT

Where do you all go for your favorite BLT-- or other bacon-centric sandwiches? I found an old thread on this board about "Bacon" but the only BLT places mentioned were Freddie's Place and Sandy's (and some now-defunct place with a havarti/sriracha/bacon sandwich which will soon be duplicated in my home, I am certain). The description of the Sandy's BLT didn't sound too hot, and my dining companion (who was seriously craving a BLT yesterday) vetoed Freddie's-- said he'd been there and the food was not good. I pride myself on being able to help when food cravings hit my loved ones, and yet, yesterday, I was at a loss. The ideal sandwich has CRISP bacon. I cannot stress enough that this is the most important component. Nitrite-free bacon is a plus, but I realize that probably ain't happening. Artisanal bread, unmealy tomatoes, maybe even the addition of some creative cheese, flavored mayo, avocado or other interesting tweaks would be welcome.

I searched google yesterday and came up with Ave B Grocer/Deli and the Little Deli, but both of those places are closed Sundays. We wound up at Woodland, as I discovered they have a BLT+avocado+herbed mayo on Texas Toast. Bacon was ordered extra crispy, but came out limp. The entire sandwich was a disappointment and so, the craving may be over, but the search for the perfect BLT (for next time!) continues...

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  1. I like the California BLT at San Francisco Bakery, but sometimes ask them to leave off the avocado. We used to have some guy deliver lunch daily to our work, and his BLT was fantastic, but I think he only does catering now. Sometimes I also crave a good BLT but don't know where to go.

    1. last night i had a wicked craving.
      i find that sadly, the best BLTs are the ones i make.
      just can't find a place that gets it "just right".

      a co-worker has been bringing some homemade arugula mayo to our office potlucks, and i was literally fantasizing about how amazing a sourdough/slow roasted tomato/maple bacon/arugula BLT would be!

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      1. re: dinaofdoom

        That sounds awesome. I am curious about arugula mayo.

        I have not found any super notable BLT's. The one at woodland leaves me feeling extra greasy...probably the greasy bacon and the loads of butter on the bread. I think most places don't know how to cook bacon (or the chef/cook has their own idea on 'proper bacon') or the bacon is just an afterthought or topping and is sitting in a tin, and not very fresh. A BLT cannot afford to have substandard bacon, where as a burger can survive because's bacon with tasty beef. Now a substandard burger and bacon....

        I don't mind extras added to the sandwich, but a straight up BLT(good bread, mayo, T, L, and B) should stand on its own.

        1. re: ianmarks

          i am gonna have to get the recipe and post it on the home cooking board.
          it is more liquidy than your standard pre-made mayos, and of course is bright green because of the lovely, peppery arugula goodness.

          i agree with your assessment on bacon and why so many restaurant's BLTs suck.
          my preference is to cook the bacon in the oven (and of course, use a high quality kind).
          there was this fried liver dish with a bacon garnish at one of my fave brazilian places in boston, and i have NO IDEA how they got the bacon so perfect.
          i still think about it to this day...the great bacon conundrum.

      2. Food Heads on W. 34th street makes a good BLT.

        1. this is not a BLT, but one of my guilty pleasures is the Office Favorite from Thhundercloud. It is essentially an egg salad sub with bacon on it. You can add lettuce, tomatoes, etc., etc

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          1. re: TroyTempest

            The Office Favorite is a beautiful, albeit heart-clogging sandwich. I never thought I would ever be ordering egg salad from a restaurant, but Thundercloud's egg salad is pretty darn tasty.

            1. re: verily

              It's a chain but I enjoy the BLT at the Mellow Mushroom. It's crispy bacon on a toasted hoagie with L, T, onions, provolone and sprouts. It hasn't disappointed me yet. Their service on the other hand...

          2. one of the few places I pop in for lunch during the workweek is Sweetish Hill. I always order the BLT in my combo, which is very simple and basic but very well executed: generous crispy bacon, just enough lettuce, decent tomatoes, and mayo on some of their toasted white bread. I only wish their soups were as consistent.