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Apr 27, 2009 11:16 AM

rooftop bar thats not toooooo swanky?

I' m ok w some swank, just not so swanky i feel out of place. Any recs? I'm open to whatever, thank you! :)

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  1. I think hardly anyone would call the rooftop bar at the Hotel Metro swanky, though it does look a bit better than the bar atop the La Quinta Inn.

    1. Sutton Place has a big rooftop bar, and the place is far from swanky. in fact its's the exact opposite: bridge and tunnel

      The Delancey also has a decent non swanky rooftop bar.

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          1. re: intrepid

            Have you been, how is it? It looked kind of complicated on the website, with different events going on different days of the week. I even noticed a reservations link. But I would love to hear it's a great and easy-going place to go for a drink.

            1. re: uwsgrazer

              I've only been to the rooftop at the Empire Hotel for a private party and it was anything but easy-going. There were bouncers, velvet ropes, and the requisite overpriced drinks to complete Meatpacking experience. There was less attitude than downtown, but not exactly the type of place I would go to relax.

              1. re: JungMann

                i ve been weekdays only, its been relaxed

        1. re: quizkiddonniesmith

          i'm with quizkid on delancey lounge. it's a bit grungy in a good way, with a good mix of people, some of whom dress up and some who don't. (but there's lots of secondhand smoke...)

        2. It's not a rooftop, but what about "The Frying Pan?"

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          1. re: LeahBaila

            How's the rooftop at the Library hotel (41st and Madison)?

            1. re: Nancy C

              Not too swanky at all; generally low-key. I enjoyed it a lot when I went, though the cocktails are not particularly creative or expertly made considering the price (I think 13 or 15 apiece) Nice view of the city.

          2. Brass Monkey in Meatpacking

            1. Rare View isn't swanky - 37th and lex.