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Apr 27, 2009 10:58 AM

In Vienna Now Need Help

Staying at the Hilton Vienna in the Stadtpark area. Anything nearbY that is great I have noted lots of recommendations on the board but everzthing is so unfamiliar, including this kezboard.

Another question husband and <i are struggling a bit with the smoking in the restaurants. Still recovering from lunch todaz and we were at a nonsmoking table in a cafe. Anz recommendations_ Hate to ask if there are nonsmoking restaurants that are considered excellent_

Thanks verz much. Sorrz for the zzzzzzs.

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  1. There are only very few non-smoking restaurants, since Austrians really 1. like to smoke or 2. do not bother if other guests smoke.

    Here are a few completely non-smoking places within walking distance of the Hilton:

    Hollmann Salon: http://www.hollmann-salon.at/

    Meierei im Stadtpark. http://steirereck.at/

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    1. re: Sturmi

      We live in London so are certainly used to the smoking, but we have picked up colds so the smoking definitely is making it worse and hard for us to breath under the circumstances.

      >Our hotel recommended Plachutta and thought another might be Gaumenspiel .

      We have opera tickets for Thursday for Manon. Wiener Staatsoper Staatsoper. Is there a spot for dining after the performance nearby.

      Thank zou.

      1. re: ctkathy

        Plachutta and Gaumenspiel are nice, I prefer Gaumenspiel...

        Close to the Opera is the Do&Co Albertina, the Hotel Sacher with its Restaurant Anna Sacher and the Restaurant Korso in Hotel Bristol.

        All are beautiful restaurants, but the food there is just average. Maybe the Sacher will give you the best authentic old Vienna athmosphere:


        1. re: ctkathy

          Did you manage to find a good place to eat for your Wiener Staatsoper?