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Apr 27, 2009 10:47 AM

Doughnut Plant - Anything Comparable?

Just came back from New York and had a selection of donuts from the Doughnut Plant, including creme brulee, cashew and raspberry, coconut filled with coconut creme, and a whole bunch of others that were unusual and quite tasty. Is there anything like it around here? I am going to check out the sugar coated donut at Flour, and maybe make a pilgrimage back to Russ Donuts on the bike path in Somerville (not similar, but amazing) in order to sate my toroidal cravings.

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  1. I guess I'll scratch Russ off the list. Too bad, I miss the surly bakers, and sense of superiority in knowing how to obtain their wares.

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    1. re: nsenada

      not that i'm aware of. the better doughnut places around here seem to be more of the old-school-survived-from-the-1950's variety than the hipster-nouveau thing of the doughnut plant. we're still fixated on the stupid cupcake craze here. i suppose eventually that will fizzle out and maybe doughnuts will be the next thing. i really like the doughnut plant's doughnuts and would pay top dollar for them here, if someone opened a franchise.

      1. re: autopi

        Cupcakes are so mid-2008. I must have a hipster doughnut soon, or I may have to go back to NYC just for doughnuts. I do have to say that great as they were, it felt "weird" spending $30 for a dozen.

        1. re: autopi

          We're still wild about short ribs, duck boats and Blue Man Group too!

      2. You could consider checking out some of the Brazilian bakeries in Framingham on a Saturday morning to see if you could get fresh "sonhos" (their version of portuguese malassadas, but more often filled -- doce de leite is most common, but guava paste is also used, whereas the Portuguese eat them just with granulated sugar). I have had decent onces from Padaria Brasil Bakery but it was a long while back. I think a Portuguese version might only be at outdoor festivals (Ashland, Hudson)... or you might have to hike to Brockton to South Coast or up to Lowell.

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        1. re: itaunas

          Those sound like they might stand in for or possibly supplant the craving. While not a doughnut, the pastries at Chacarero might also do the trick (especially the one that looks like a vanilla whoopie pie coated in coconut and filled with dulce de leche).

        2. On the same topic, sort of -- does anyone around here make a good peanut donut? By that, I mean a cake donut glazed and covered completely with chopped peanuts. It's a staple in the Midwest but I'm not sure I've ever seen one in Boston.

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          1. re: dtremit

            i know exactly what you mean, and i seem to recall having seen them at verna's, but could absolutely be wrong about that.

          2. I can't tell from a post whether you've already gotten the news that Russ' donuts is closed -- in fact, the building was demolished and condos are springing up in short order! Too bad -- my kids would stop in after school and have the great experience of a donut still hot from the fat!