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Apr 27, 2009 10:45 AM

Bread and Bagels Ft. Myers

I will be staying on Sanibel in a condo for eight days beginning this Friday. Flying into Ft. Myers. Wanted to stop somewhere along the way and stock up on some great bread and bagels for the stay. Any ideas?

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  1. My mom really likes bagels, and the best place that she has found in Ft. Myers is a little shop that is not inconvenient from the airport. It is located off of Daniels Parkway, a little less than halfway between RSW (Highway 75) and the Bell Towers center (intersection of 41), on the right side of Daniels, across from Fiddlesticks Drive or Road on the left (there is a big Publix there on the left, but there are Publix everywhere).

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      Thanks for the info - do you know the name of the shop?

    2. No need to stop for bagels until Sanibel. The Bean on Periwinkle has them. Good coffee. A Sanibel institution. The bagel place that was mentioned isn't hard to find. It is on the left end of a little strip mall with Bella Rosa Italian restaurant. I don't know its name either and I probably used to stop there twice a week. <edit> quick google returned the name: Fresh Bagels and More, 8911 Daniels Parkway

      Bread is a a different story. Some of the artisan breads at Fresh Market, which is in The Bell Tower at the corner of Daniels and 41, are pretty good, others just ok. Often, curiously, the artisan breads of Publix are just as good or better. You just need to go to one of the larger Publix with a premium bakery. The one at Winkler and Summerlin on your way to Sanibel would be a good possibility.

      1. I visit Sanibel each year. Latest info about the Bean suggests that it's changed hands and the food and service has gone down hill. Jerry's supermarket on Sanibel has great bagels and other baked goods. Their breads are just ok. When I visit, I usually stop at the Publix at Winkler and Summerlin for crusty bread. Good luck.


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          Thanks....I think we will stop by the Fresh Bagel place mentioned. Someone else had mentioned a place called the European American Bakery. Might swing by there also. We'll get enough to last a few days, then see what is available on Sanibel. Just don't want to get stuck with Lenders!!!!