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Apr 27, 2009 10:31 AM

Good food option in or around Wrigley Field?

Are there any recommended places near the ballpark to get a good Chicago hotdog? I know Hot Doug's is a short bus ride away, but if there are any places in Wrigleyville please let me know.


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  1. I just went to Deleece on clark near Buckingham. Was there for brunch on Sun-GREAT lobster eggs Benedict, though it was supposed to be a truffle hollandaise and I couldn't taste it. A Friend had their BLT with goats milk cheddar and Nueske bacon Y U M!!!!!

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    1. re: VirgoRN

      They don't sell Chicago hot dogs at Deleece (although the lunch menu on their website shows a barbecue beef short rib sandwich that sounds mighty good).

      OP - If you're interested in more non-hotdog recommendations near Wrigley, see

    2. wiener's circle, 2620 n clark serves an excellent classic chicago style vienna natural casing dog. their cheeseburgers cooked to medium rare are equally good. the location is about a 10 minute walk from wrigley.

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      1. re: biga290

        2620 North Clark is 1.4 miles from the ballpark. If that takes you 10 minutes, you walk three times as fast as everyone else! :)

        J/K - at least it answers what the OP was looking for!

      2. Wrigleyville Dogs - 3737 N. Clark

        About a block or so north on Clark from the ballpark

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 Wrigleyville Dogs supposed to be as good as say Superdawgs or Hot Doug's, or should I wait and go to one of those places instead?

          1. re: petertheeater

            Superdawg is a classic old place that is superior to WD. However because of the way Superdawg packages the dog in a cardboard box with the fries, the bun gets soggy and falls apart. Doug's is also excellent but not worth the wait for a Chicago Dog that you can find at any number of places. His specialty sausages may be worth the wait but i have not tried those. If you want a natural casing Chicago dog within a reasonable distance of Wrigley that is on a par with Doug's Chicago Dog, then its definitelty Wiener's Circle on Clark Street,