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Apr 27, 2009 10:29 AM

walking distance from Edm. Delta hotel?

we are staying at the Delta at 10222 102 St in Edmonton tomorrow night (Tuesday, 28 April) and are wondering what good food options we have within walking distance from that hotel. We are pretty flexible, and would enjoy anything from great take-out pizza to fine dining (as long as we know enough in advance what type of clothing to pack). We are primarily interested in dinner on Tuesday night, but depending on how our schedule works out we may also be looking for a breakfast or lunch in that area too (or anywhere in the city on the drive back to calgary).

oh - and are there any pubs in that area that serve nice microbrew pints?

thanks for the suggestions :)

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  1. nonlinear:

    Looking at the title I expect that you are staying at the Delta within Edmonton Centre West rather than the Westin.

    Does not matter particularly given they are mere blocks apart.


    Sorrentino's Downtown: for Italian on 101 st Street a short walk away;
    100: which is on Rice Howard Way - more bar but early in the week fairly quiet;
    Luxe: part of the same chain as 100 which is in Commerce Court connected via pedway with Edmonton Centre
    L'Azia: fusion styled within the same shopping centre complex as the hotel;
    Hardware Grill: a more blocks east on Jasper Ave;
    Bistro Praha: not sure if fully operational as a result of fire in the complex they are part of - Czech/Bistro food;
    Ric's Grill: on 104 St and 102 Ave - basic steakhouse - not one of my favourites;

    Culina: short cab ride rather than more lengthy walk for inventive, well prepared food
    Red Ox Inn: again a short cab ride up Connor's Hill Rd. - very well spoken of on this list


    All of the above except Hardward Grill and Red Ox Inn
    Zenari's: in Manulife connected via pedway

    Sorry cannot assist with breakfast apart from the numerous hotel options.


    A number in the area but I cannot think of any serving microbrew pints.

    I think there may still be an Elephant & Castle in the same complex as your hotel. You have the Rose & Crown in the Sutton Place Hotel which is nearby and Sherlock Holmes on Rice Howard Way.

    You will find the regular ales and lagers one would expect like in the James Joyce or Limericks.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      thanks for the suggestions, bob. indeed, i meant the delta and not the westin. i should point out that we do have a car, but plan to have a few drinks at some point, so that's why i was asking about walking distance. we could certainly drive for some great food, though, as long as we make our show at 8pm.

    2. There are a couple of good, relaxed options pretty close by. Right around the corner is the Creperie which does very good French country-style and often has a prix fixe special that is good value. Bistro Praha is about a block or two away and it serves lovely European cafe fare. Wonderful schnitzel and great coffee. Both would be very nice for lunch but Praha is busy over the noon hour.

      Couple of fancier places nearby too -- Hardware Grill and Madison's in the Union Bank Inn. Both very consistent. Hardware Grill does very good lamb. Both have great service and wine lists.

      And one more - Louisiana Purchase does good New Orleans food. I really like the Tournadoes Ya-Ya.

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      1. re: pengcast

        I think Bistro Praha is still closed because of the fire damage from earlier this month.

      2. I would add to that list Characters, which is a short walk from your hotel. It is open both at lunch and dinner. I would walk through the Boardwalk building if you are visiting in the evening.

        I also recommend Wild Tangerine for lunch. You can walk there, though it is a bit of a trek, but it is less than 5 minutes by car.

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        1. re: Sonic Monkey

          They are all good suggestions but except for Hardware Grill, Culina and Wild Tangerine, you will find similar if not better versions of the food in Calgary. These three are food experiences unique to Edmonton ( like the shrimp lollipop and octopus salad at Wild Tangerine)
          Hardware Grill is the closest at 1Km, is $$$$ and you probably don't want to rush it, Wild Tangerine is 1.5 Km away and is more casual, Culina is also casual but the farthest at 3.5 Km accross the bridges. These last two options are $$-$$$

        2. not sure if chowhounders know, but what was known as The Silk Hat on Jasper has been turned into a classy drinks and apps joint sort of renamed as The Hat. On Mondays they have half-priced beer, but no microbrews are on that sale. The food that i had was good - just a couple hits off the app menu...but the ambience is very nice - i would go here for drinks after your dinner or before the show. it is at Jasper and 103, across from the U of A extension building.

          1. Also good but has not been mentioned are:

            Blue Plate - Not as fancy at all compared to the likes of Hardware Grill, Lux or Madisons but fabulous food all the same.

            Tzin Wine Bar - Have not had a chance to try it out since a new chef came in but would be a great stop for a night cap and/or snacks.

            Both located just off of Jasper and 104 Street -

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            1. re: Bellavino

              on your way back to calgary you could stop in at culina for breakfast, it is actually my favorite place for it. there is also the Blue Plate for breakfast.