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Apr 27, 2009 10:14 AM

Saturday brunch with Mom suggestions needed

My mom is coming to Connecticut from my home state of Missouri to help care for my new baby girl when I go back to work next week She has never been to New York and I am going to surprise her with a Saturday day trip Any suggestions on a great brunch spot for this first timer Baby girl will be staying home with Dad

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  1. i see that it's your first time posting here, so i'll offer a couple of pointers to help you navigate the wonderful world of Chowhound...first, it's always best to use the "Search" function before posting a query like this. many topics have been covered at least once or twice. and some (including this one) have been discussed ad nauseum.

    second, you really need to provide at least *some* details/guidelines about your preferences if you want useful feedback. neighborhood/location? cuisine preferences? atmosphere? price point? reservations vs. walk-in?

    i think you'll find it helpful to read this thread before continuing...

    1. This thread will probably answer most if not all questions you might have about brunch in New York:

      "Best Brunch (Updated For 2009)"

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        Aw, thanks, Pan. I have to say that I am not as well eaten on the upscale eateries and there are some newer places on the UWS that I haven't gotten to yet, being a resident of the East Village.

        Also NB that the Neptune Room has closed. :(

        1. re: kathryn

          Yeah, there's usually little reason for us East Village residents to go up to the Upper West Side, except to hang out with people there (e.g., my parents live up there).

      2. Kathryn (whose thread Pan helpfully posted a link to) is remarkably well-eaten wrt brunch in NYC and is my go-to-Chowhound on the subject. But reading that thread, alone, may not help you narrow your options down by geography (part of town) and price, if those factors are important to you. Do you have any particular preferences? Do you want something low-key and small, cafe-like in feel or would you be happier with something more white-tableclothy?

        It's really nice of you to treat your mother and congrats on the new baby!

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        1. re: cimui

          Ditto. Geography, if you are looking for pancakes or french toast or eggs or more lunch-y items, price, and reservations/waiting I think drive most of the brunch recs on this board.

          1. re: cimui

            Thanks for the advice! I'll take a look at the link. I am thinking something semi-casual along the more small, cafe feel. I would definitely like some place that takes reservations since we are going to an afternoon show and I want her to have a little time to look around.

          2. If your mom likes to shop, shop at Barney's, and when you tire, eat at Fred's restaurant on the top floor. The food there is good, the shopping, incredible.

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            1. re: acidity

              And expensive, just like Barney's :)

            2. Kathryn is the expert, but, pretending she;s not around, I'll say Jane and Five Points are nice for parents, and they both take reservations.