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Apr 27, 2009 09:54 AM

Beach Food

Sunday evenings, DH and I usually head to the beach with friends and their families. Sometimes there are up to 40 in our group. We all try to bring snacks and beverages to share. Typically I bring fresh fruit and cheese & crackers and a bottle of white wine, usually Guwertz. I'm looking for some new ideas. A lot of people bring chips, cupcakes, and other junk food. I'd prefer to steer clear of junk food if possible.


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  1. I'm assuming you're bringing a cooler. I live within a mile of the beach and we always do!

    Think pasta salad with baby shrimp; or potato salad with bacon. Serve in disposable plastic cups. Or you could make "crispy cups" by baking oiled wonton or eggroll wrappers in muffin tins and then serve in those.

    How about a chilled veggie pizza - get a package of pizza dough and bake it. Then schmear on a mixture of cream cheese and ranch dressing and top with diced peppers, onions, olives, etc. Chill before carting to the beach.

    Or a nice big Po Boy type sandwich. Slice the Italian bread longways but not in two. Then line with mayo and Romain leaves folded in half so the ribs are in the bread seam. Then into the lettuce put your cold cuts or chicken or shrimp plus sliced onions, olives, pickles, etc., etc. Roll the sandwich in cling wrap then foil. At the beach slice into segments and pass around.

    1. spiced nuts, easy to make & pretty healthy.

      1. I was thinking a muffuletta or Po' Boy type sandwich as well, can be refrigerated and wrapped well a day ahead to meld flavors. Either with cold cuts or tuna, with little or no mayo, like a nicoise.

        I also usually just raid my pantry - for dips, salsas, nuts, chips, etc. Or make your own salsas like with fresh ingredients you have on hand, fruits or veggies, whatever's on sale at your market. Toast up some baguette slices and go!

        Or how about an antipasto type spread with meats, cheeses, breads, olives, peppers, marinated mushrooms, etc?

        Or always can do a salad with your fav ingredients, like steamed haricot verts, hard-boiled eggs, baby potatoes & tomatoes, again like nicoise, only don't have to have the tuna in it. Bring along a simple vinaigrette to toss with onsite.

        Also can do wraps with either salads or cold cuts, chopped chicken, again, whatever you have on hand. Like the po' boys, just wrap tightly & chill for a little while then slice on the bias and serve.

        1. TMT,

          I asked a similar question a few days back about picnic foods- maybe some of the suggestions will be helpful for you too :


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          1. Are you trying to avoid using plates and utensils? If not, what sorts of equipment are you willing to take with?

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              I can use paper plates and plastic utensils. I'd just rather avoid carting home dirty dishes if possible. I