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Apr 27, 2009 09:24 AM

Seattle Takeout Sushi Recs?

Hello fellow Chowhounders!

In a few weeks, I will be moving to Seattle from Philly to start my residency at UW. I am very excited to explore the PNW! As I will have limited free time, convenience is paramount, especially when it comes to food!

On those nights when I'm too tired to cook, I'd love for my default meal to be some awesome, reasonably priced sushi that I can pick up on my way home.

Currently, I'm looking to live in either Capitol Hill or Wallingford/Fremont so please keep suggestions limited to those far recs have been Liberty in Capitol Hill and Musashi's in Wallingford.


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  1. In Wallingford - you can't go wrong with Kisaku. The cost is slightly higher than reasonable but not into the realm of unreasonable-ness. And awesome it is.

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        Thanks for the recs! I will have to try them once I get out there!

      2. if you end up living on Cap Hill I recommend Hana on Broadway for takeout. I've been ordering takeout sushi from them about once a week for years (8 or 9), and once I figured out their strengths and weakness, I'm never dissapointed. The are busy enough that their fish is fresh, they don't make oodles of fancy rolls but if you like basic traditional sushi, it's your place. Plus their agedashi tofu is among the best I've had in town. I'd not recommend takeout from Liberty .. the variety is quite limited and I've had dubious fish there a few times.
        If you end up in Wallingford, I lived there before I moved to Cap Hill and ate to-go from Musashis all the time, enough that they knew my name by my order! .. the sushi there is dependably good though the style there is huge pieces which seem a value but end up feeling wrong in the mouth. However, the harisami salad is addictive, the teriyaki dishes are splendid and if you cut each piece of sushi in half it's a great deal and since it's super busy the fish is dependably good.
        Chiso in fremont is lovely, go there when you want to sit at the bar though.

        1. Kisaku and Musashi are both good though very different. I had a great meal at Kozue the other night which is doors away from Musashi and not nearly so hard to get into. The spinach with salmon skin was terrific as was the pressed anago sushi which was new to me. There is a good selection of reasonably priced sakes, especially at happy hour. It is very homey and serves many types of Japanese food as well as good sushi.