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Apr 27, 2009 08:46 AM

Donnely Pub Group?

Of all the bars/lounges/hot spots/restaurants in this company, which are best for lunch/dinner/fun cocktails? I've looked at all their websites, but would prefer testimony from an eye witness. I'm staying in Vancouver for a week and would like to go to a couple decent places for lunch, maybe an upscale dinner or two, and also hit a swanky lounge for good wine or cocktails a few nights. (I certainly have no problem swaying away from this company though. Their online entourage just looked impressive).

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  1. I have been to a few of them - usually on work-related outings. Not a big fan of their pubs/clubs - I'm probably outside their demographic though. I find them too much of a meat market for 20-30 somethings. The interior design, etc is quite well done for the most part, but food and drink isn't their strong point.

    If you are open to other suggestions for drinks - try Chambar, Cobre, Bin 941/941, Cru, West, Alibi Room, and a few others. The swankiest lounge is Bacchus - stylish, full of celebs, but very expen$ive.

    Scroll back a couple of weeks on this board and you should see a postings about favourites for lunch, and dinner...(Market, Chambar, Medina, Lumiere, Blue Water, etc.)