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Apr 27, 2009 08:38 AM

Weird Jams what to do with them

A while back a bought a spiced tomato jam and a cherry jalapeno jam from a farmers market. I haven't opened them because I don't know what to do with them. The cherry jalapeno would probably be fine with peanut butter or whatever but I am at a complete loss with the tomato any ideas are great. TIA

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  1. Serve them over a layer of cream cheese with crackers or your favorite dippers (Pretzel Crisps, maybe)?

    Oh, and the cherry jalapeno would be fab in a Monte Cristo, don'tcha think?

    1. Whenever I want to use up half jars of jam, I either make baked appetizers out of them (a dab of cream cheese or brie and a dab of jam wrapped in puff pastry), or I just throw it in a stew or soup that the flavor complements, as an addittional flavor and thickener.

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        I love brie that way, too. It looks especially impressive if you slice the brie into two rounds and spread the jam in the middle as a layer...and it's so easy!

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          I be the spiced tomato jam would serve as a nice base marinade for skirt steak.

        2. Spiced tomato jam goes really well with strong cheddar cheese on good bread or crackers. Actually, either jam would be a lovely part of a nice cold meat and cheese plate with good bread. Since moving to England, I've gotten really into the cheese and chutney/pickle/jam combos. Yum.

          1. You could make savory slab scones like these: Last time I made them I used a caramelized onion jam. Deelicious

            1. You could use them as a glaze for meat or fish...

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                That would be my favorite use. Pork especially works well with unusual jams either as a glaze during roasting/pan frying or to make a pan sauce after. These jams also make a good basis for marinating tofu or a dipping sauce for any fried foods (samosas, pakoras, won-tons, etc)