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Apr 27, 2009 08:24 AM

Breakfast and Dinner near Schneider Children's

We're taking my son to see a specialist at Schneider Children's Hospital and will be staying close to the campus. We need toddler friendly, reasonably priced (but hopefully delicious!) breakfast and dinner options. We'd also appreciate take out lunch options.

We don't have any restrictions other than the place being toddler friendly. Thank you!

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  1. There are lots of restaurants in the New Hyde Park area near the hospital. Umbertos is a very good pizza/ Italian Restaurant. Nothing fancy but good and child friendly. It is at 633 Jerich Turnpike. If you want to go into Great Neck which is a neighboring town (not far but you can hit traffic) you can go to Bruce's. ( 34 Middleneck Road) Salads , sandwiches, muffins and pastry, eggs etc. Lots of diners in the area some opened 24 hours. You can get almost anything. There is one I think it is called the Silver Spoon ,just two minutes from Schneiders. (I went there frequently when my son was hospitalized convenient not great but you can get a decent sandwich) In the hospital's lobby there is an Au Pan. You can get coffee, good scones and muffins. Stay away from their sandwiches. I hope your son is OK. They were very helpful when my son was ill.

    1. Forgot to mention Hilldebrandt on Hillside Avenue in Willsiton Park about 10 minutes from the hospital , for good burgers and great homemade ice cream. Lots of chains in ., such as Applebees. You are not to far from Whole Foods on Northern Bl'vd for take out, plenty of other gourmet markets in the area.

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        Silver Moon diner is the one at the corner of Union Tpke. and Lakeville Rd near the hospital. Don't know how good it is lately.