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Need Help for Special Occasion in Beloit (Janesville/Rockford)

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Hi, the family will be traveling out to Beloit in a couple of weeks to see our only son graduate. I would like to take us out someplace nice (that FEELS special), but the food must be good as well. This will NOT be my first trip to Beloit -- I've been going now for four years, so I know the area (and its culinary drawbacks) pretty well by this time. We've done most of the supper clubs (as far out as Delavan, but not as far north as the Buckhorn in Janesville). I'm guessing most out-of-town parents will either be going to the Cafe Belwah at the Beloit Inn, or one of the local supper clubs. Aside from the fact that I'm too out of it to have made my Cafe Belwah (or Gun Club) reservation yet, I'm not sure that's what I want to do, anyway.

The Village Supper Club in Delavan was nice, because it was on a lake, and the food was good. The Buckhorn I understand is probably similarly situated, and probably has similar food. Is there anywhere else that has escaped my attention (and I have not been to Rockford at all) that would fit this bill? (After four years, I still can't believe that there aren't a gazillion places up and down the Rock River with decks and windows, but there aren't, and that's that.) Nice atmosphere, attractive, festive, good food?

(Even though I'm on the Midwest board now, I fully expect nsxtasy to respond to this request as well! ;)

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  1. I would consider going over to Lake Geneva; I live in Janesville, and there isn't anything special that I would recommend in the immediate area. In the Lake Geneva area, I would suggest Kirsch's on Lake Como or the Geneva Inn.