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Luminato - PC '1000 Tastes of Toronto'


Anyone go last year?

I am thinking about checking this out, just want to know what to expect.... besides long lines and huge crowds of people.

Anyone know what restaurants participate?

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  1. Last year it was called One City, One Table - the lines weren't that long for the most part. The longest lineup was for some smoothie bar. (it was a warm day and $5 for a cold smoothie wasn't exactly a stretch) I thought it was a decent event! My only quip would be the vast difference in portion size/quality of food between the booths -- and if I remember correctly, the tickets were $5 each so you'd get your money's worth at some booths, but not at others (I think one booth was handing out bite-sized canapes?)

    Regardless, it was fun to sit at the communal table and sample all the food.

    1. Here's last year's post: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/529387

      I forgot that some people ran out of food very, very early.

      Participating restaurants/chefs included North 44, Jamie Kennedy, Reds, Perigee (RIP), etc.

      1. Just a reminder that it is this weekend.

        Over at Tasteto.com they have posted up a list of all of the participating restaurants. I will be down there volunteering on Sunday. I imagine their will be huge crowds as it was pretty busy down at Distillery District last year. Hopefully the restaurants offer value for people's $5.


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          i'm curious to see how these 3 hour shifts work out... sounds a little like logistical insanity.

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            Well based on that schedule it looks like a lot are duplicates later in the schedule so I imagine there isn't a huge amount of turnover afterall. Otherwise, yeah, it would be crazy if they had to switch every three hours.

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            FYI - The Luminato rep who provided us with that list contacted us this morning and asked us to take it down, as it was apparently wrong. The participating restaurants should be as previously listed (or so we're assuming), but the times listed were incorrect for many of them.

            They didn't offer a corrected list as a replacement, which seems strange to me. It's the day before the event, and they don't have a proper list of what restaurants will be there are what time? Not very promising...

            1. re: gregclow

              if you were an average consumer... which list would you go by for times after this little debacle? there are a couple of restos i'm keen on seeing what they do but i don't want to miss them because of some scheduling errors.

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                Not sure what you mean by "which list would you go by for times" considering that there's only been one list that I'm aware of (the one provided & posted yesterday), and it was retracted as being incorrect today.

                So there's NO list - or at least no schedule - to go from at this point, as far as I know.

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                  oh i see... i thought they retracted your list that was edited by restaurants telling you which hours were wrong for them. now that there is no list... well that's very interesting.

                  1. re: pinstripeprincess

                    Nope, they provided us with a list that was wrong in the first place. 24 hours later, they told us it was wrong, and offered no replacement. All very odd.

          3. Did anyone go down today? Worthwhile visiting? Any recommendations? I will be down there tomorrow, looking to figure out how much I will need to spend to get full!

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              I went today and really enjoyed it. I spent $30 and was quite full. You can have enough for $20 or $25. Globe Bistro served a pulled pork belly sandwich and Lai Wah Heen served a brochette of dim sum.
              It's located on the block in front of Queen's Quay Centre.

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                I went down tonight, had high hopes, didn't get met for the most part.

                Long waits for most of the tables, decent size portions for some, poor size for others. A lot more caterers then restaurants. Many places sold out, and quickly.

                But on the plus side, most of the dishes I had were tasty and I enjoyed them. If you have great patients this event would be perfect for you, everyone in the crowed seemed to be very 'rude' to be blunt, fearing you would cut in front of them in line. I think with a little more organization, more space, and restaurants/caterers bringing more food, this event would have been more enjoyable.

                I went between (6-8pm)

                Lee Salad (Very tasty and decent portion size)

                Rodney's Oyster House (offered fresh oysters or fried clams with fries and tartar sauce, very good

                EDO Kobe Beef Hot Dog ('real kobe beef'?? I question its authenticity but the hot dog had very good taste, and a nice 'snappy' casing, not sure if it is natural or not, and two mini hot dogs for 1 ticket was very good value compared to the other tables, 'Asian' condiments were also tasty

                Nutella Banana Crepe (forget the name of the place, its the one in vaughan mills

                Also my friend had and I sampled.
                Sliders and Sweet Potatoe fries (from a major catering company, forget the name they used to cater UofT and they cater alot of prisons I know that
                )Pulled Pork Sandwich (don't know where he got it from)
                Fried Zucchini and Green Bean (again unaware of the restaurant)

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                  Went down in the middle of the afternoon. Some of the places had really long lines (like the crepe stand), but surprisingly many of the nicer restaurants were not as busy... or perhaps better at pumping out their dishes. Had the berkshire pork belly sandwich from Globe, which was quite good and I recommend people try it. Pulled pork sandwich from Amuse Bouche with a chocolate chipotle sauce I think, messy and delicious. Salad from Lee was the same as on their menu and worth getting (unlike flying101's photo, mine had a tangle of fried taro on top which added some good texture and flavour). Had a sandwich duo from hemispheres which was a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with some truffle flavour and a shrimp lettuce wrap that was also pretty solid, but I was pretty full at that point. Some of the vendors, like Senses weren't showing up till after 6 so I didn't get to see them. I had a pretty good experience, although the whole area was packed with people. I think it must get pretty busy during lunch and dinner times, so I do recommend the middle of the afternoon, I would not be surprised if people started running out of food or garnishes as the day went on.

                  1. re: kamfung

                    There was a huge line for Mis Amigos' BBQ chicken, steak and fried plantains. It was worth it though as the chicken was really good. Senses had a dessert box with four items.

                2. Overall, the food and atmosphere were better at the One Table event last year in the Distillery. However, 1000 Tastes is still worth going to. For $5 the portion sizes are quite generous (5 oysters from Rodneys, 2 kobe hot dogs from Edo (the buns weren't the freshest but the japanese curry was great).

                  The pork belly from Globe was fantastic as was the chipotle and chocolate pulled pork sandwich (with optional scotch bonnet hot sauce to add) from Amuse Bouche. There were actually several vendors doing pulled pork: AB, Grace and a caterer who I forget though she claimed to have the best of the bunch. There were also a few Indian food vendors that served some healthy portioned stuff but I avoided due to yesterday's heat.

                  1. Was there like 1pm and a few stands have huge lines and some you can walk right up to. My fave was fried clams from Rodneys. The most experimental dish was a "duck poutine" (Loic?) - pulled duck, curds (no squeak), gravy on a rosti. The duck was good but the rest was blah. The most disappointing was the Ecuadorean Tamale. I had the chicken version - the meat was still cold inside and tough. Wish I had the veggie version.

                    My main complaint: not enough garbage cans! and I try not to think about the tons of plastic and styrofoam that were thrown away...

                    1. checked out the scene from about noon-2 (rough start with some of the reso tables empty and some logistical issues but nice to see so many people interested in food!) and only got 4 things.

                      local - new place in parkdale opening soon did a fresh gnocchi in tomato sauce and a cotton candy that was a tie in with the cirque show. very soft and not the best i've had but certainly good and fresh tasting. the cotton candy really was the draw and it was a bit hard.

                      mariposa - ok this was a bit silly but they were serving gigantic portions and were right at the start so we couldnt' resist. it was overcooked roast beef with a hint of pink in the middle. they were cutting off like 6oz so this was a good filler for the afternoon.

                      lee - the salad is really quite a tasty salad. great flavours, great textures, great colours... i think he charges much more at lee (though it is larger) and so i was happy to have a refreshing taste like that for $5.

                      ultra - it looked fun so i took their duo of duck mu shu with slices of pork. i think that it was pretty typical for what i expected of an ok mushu filling. the wrapper was tender and overall it was tasty but certainly nothing of an epiphany

                      it looked like a busy and fun event that a lot of people were enjoying. it's a shame the long communal table is at the far west end because it didn't really have as many people sitting there. didn't help that all the ticket sales seemed to clump people to the right hand section and so the left side was a bit empty for most of the morning. i was a little disappointed that people didn't take the streetcart food concept to heart as much, but hey... what could i have expected.

                      btw... that globe pork belly... was it really pork belly? it looked more like pulled shoulder because i couldn't see the fat! where's the delicious fat!

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                        To add my two cents worth on the logistics of the event:

                        Pinstripprincess is correct - they crammed way too many food stations (and ticket sales) at the section by harbourfront while the west end was empty. With people lining up and the small space between the streetcars buzzing behind the food stations and the sidewalk congestion was inevitable.

                        Put the communal table at the middle and spread the food stations at either side. But they probably feared people would be too lazy to walk.

                        The Spice Route took over the main food tent by the Sirius stage and had a really nice and tasty fresh waffle with chocolate dipped fruit kebob for $5.

                      2. Just on side note, I rather did enjoy the EDO hot dogs (even if they are or aren't real kobe beef). I know they sell them @ the ACC, does anyone if you can pick them up anyplace for home bbqs?

                        1. Went down today, I think the best of what we tried was easily Amuse Bouche's fish sandwich. Awesome bread, fish and condiment. YUM!

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                            Yes this fish sandwich was a huge hit with me! It was small-ish, but appropriate for the $5, I just wanted a bigger one because I enjoyed it so much. The bread was very fresh and I very much liked the sauce on the fish.

                            I also had a tamale from Dos Amigos. It was a little dry, but doused in tamale sauce it was better. Portion wise, it was really good value for the money.

                            The only other thing I had was a belgian waffle from the main food tent. I thought it was going to be a lot more expensive then it was, so I was pleased it was $5 and after a 10 hour day of volunteering it totally hit the spot.