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Taste of Arizona

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hey all- been in town the past few days and of course, I run into chowhounds at NOCA! (where we had the incredibly ridiculous, why have i never had this before because my life was previously empty burrata).

I was in town for Taste, which was as always great, although I noticed a lot more chains. Bleh.

Anyways, a friend of mine mentioned he has a steep discount code for Taste of AZ next week, which I checked out and was impressed by the lineup: Michael DeMaria, Aaron May, Beau MacMillan, Michael Rusconi, etc. Anyways. http://www.tastearizona.org/ Just enter the discount code “DESERT” when you go to purchase tickets, and you’ll get them for only $75 (normal price is $125


figured it was up chowhounds ave. if anyone goes, lemme know how it was, curious.

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