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Apr 27, 2009 07:32 AM

How to cook goetta?

I've had goetta in Cincinnati area restaurants, and it was a brown patty, crispy on the edges. So I bought a roll of goetta at Dorothy Lane Market this weekend and tried to cook it like I do regular sausage patties. I sliced the roll, flattened the patties, then put them in a non-stick frying pan and turned on the heat. They seemed to fall apart before they got brown, and ended up as a pile of oatmeal flavored loose meat. What's the secret? Should I flour the patties first, and add oil to the pan? Any suggestions? TIA!

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  1. Never having used commercially produced goetta I can't speak to your specific issue. How it fries up depends on how it''s prepared. Ar you using enough oil in the pan? Have you tried cooking it with bacon grease? (It's good served along side bacon) The softer variety is usually cooked covered while the firmer variety (which produces a crispier crust) is cooked uncovered. Even so, it's difficult to convince the patties to hold together in the frying process. Cook the slices over medium heat for about 10 minutes (perhaps a little longer) on each side or until golden brown (do not over-cook goetta but be careful not to overcook it because that will make it dry and crumbly. I suppose you could try using a binding agent (egg white, etc.) when you press the goetta into a patty but I've never done that myself.

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      Well, I didn't use *any* oil, so I'm sure I didn' t use enough ;-) I'll try cooking it with bacon grease, although I was actually hoping to use it as a somewhat healthier version of sausage and the bacon grease negates that idea. Thanks, though!

    2. I usually cut it from the roll or brick at the thickness I want the finished product. I usually fry it up in Pam until it's brown and crispy. I think the key is not to flatten out the slice and to leave it long enough to crisp up. Once it's browned it should stay together when you flip it.

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        Thanks, John. I'll try not flattening the patties, and cooking it with Pam (healthier version) or with bacon grease (unhealthier version) as todao suggests.

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          There ya go, Niki, live dangerously. Actually, unless you make high fat foods a regular part of your diet, frying in bacon grease occasionally isn't really unhealthy. It's not the occasional indulgence that results in health problems, it's when we cook "unhealthy" foods and consume them over a period of time that we find our health adversely affected.
          Besides, bacon is soooooo good ;->

      2. How do I cook the perfect goetta patty?


        First, slice the goetta into half-inch patties. Making sure they do not touch each other (to be sure they will not stick together), place the patties in a non-stick skillet that has been preheated to a medium temperature, 350 degrees. Let cook for about 6 minutes, allowing the first side to brown completely. Flip, and brown the other side until crisp. When both sides are golden brown, the goetta is ready to enjoy.

        1. The trick for frying goetta is to not crowd the pan. No, you don't need to flour them first. Do not turn them until the bottom is browned.