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Apr 27, 2009 06:13 AM

Turin or Bologna?

I will be in Italy for 2 weeks and going from Rome(3n) to Tuscany(4n) to Venice(3n) and finally departing in Milan. I am really in a dilemma whether I should spend the remaining 2 nights in Bologna or Turin.

While Turin is really out of the way, 5 hours away from Venice, I really really would like to sample the gianduja and visit Eataly. I also read alot about the exceptional food in Piemonte region.

Bologna is along the way from Florence to Venice and I have heard lots of Parma/Modena/Bologna (cheese, giusti, lasagna etc). I love pork btw too!

Which area would give me a more unforgettable gastronomic experience? Or should I simply cut out the Venice leg and visit both regions?

Thank you! I will be grateful for any answers!

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  1. You can't go wrong with either. I can't decide for you, but keep in mind that there is a direct bus from Turin to Malpensa airport, which might make spending your last 2 nights there an easy option. As for Eatitaly, the overused "Wow!" is entirely justified.

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      What about Linate Airport? I am departing via Linate. Ooh yes, that really made feel more and more inclined towards Turin!

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        I see mention of an infrequent bus to Linate but cannot find schedules; why not email the tourist office' they are very helpful and will surely respond:

    2. I agree with Erica. I was in Turin last month and was completely blown away. Eataly is great! That's not to say that Bologna doesn't have it's merits.

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        My hubby loves rich and hearty cuisine which was why I was tempted by Bologna. The reviews of Hosteria Guisti on this board was also a big factor. But reading your reply makes me want to go Turin even more now!

      2. i'd visit torino (just came back from first visit there) and bologna (been there several times) .....sorry venice, nothing personal, but it's all about the food!

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          I agree. If it's about the food, skip Venice in favor of Turin *and* Bologna.

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            That thought crossed my mind so many times! But would it be equivalent to visiting Paris without taking a look at Eiffel Tower? I forgot to mention that this is my first and probably only trip to Italy.

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              I've been to Venice three times. It is one of the world's most beautiful cities, if not THE most beautiful. If you choose carefully, you can get some excellent food there. If you had been there before I would say skip it, but it is a unique place that everyone should experience at least once. I will be going to Bologna and Alba this fall for the first time, and am salivating over the food possibilities, but if I hadn't been to Venice I would make a point of going there.

              1. re: rrems

                yup, after the pre requisite Rome Florence Venice, I found scant time left for other places. Thanks for all the replies, ever so grateful! I do suppose i will go Turin this time round and if fate permits, Bologna if i do return!

        2. Ok I'm obviously for Torino..but just to help. From Venice you got a direct train to Torino in 4hrs you maybe be there... or if you are in Milan you got the hig speed train (1 hr) and you are in Torino. For bologna again from Milan you got the highspeed train but do not know what you got from Venice.
          In case you will come to Torino try at least one of these : bunet (piedmont chocolate cake, marocchino (like a capuccino but with chocolate,coffe,milk),acciughe al verde (anchovies in green sauce),brasato al barolo (but this one is a winter dish so not the right time now).
          Anyway in case let me know if you need help in Torino.