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Restaurants / Bars with a view of HK Skyline

Was wondering if there were any good dining spots and bars with good views of the HK harbour? It can be overlooking the HK Island harbour (most likely in TST) or vice versa, i.e. restaurant in Central/Wanchai etc overlooking Kowloon.

So far I only know of Felix at the Peninsula and Aqua Spirit. Both are in TST and I have read very mixed reviews on both on openrice, just wondering if there are any other ones that people have been to and would recommend?

I also found R66 (revolving) in Wanchai which is like a lunch/dinner buffet, but apparently the food is not that good. Another one I found was Penthouse Sky Lounge in Wanchai but there doesnt seem to be many reviews.


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  1. Try Hu Tong. The food is decent especially that lamb. View is jaw dropping and you are paying for that view and the ambiance. But for a tourist, I would definitely recommend it.

    1. If price is not an issue, head to Petrus in Island Shangri-la. In my opinion, this is far and away the best French (or even non-Chinese for that matter) restaurant in Hong Kong. However, you're REALLY paying through the roof here.

      Alternatives are heading to places like the Peak (Cafe Deco), but I wouldn't recommend it based on the food quality (also fairly expensive, but certainly more affordable than a meal at Petrus).

      1. R66's food is really bad - in a word, don't.

        for less wallet-melting experiences, you could try peking garden/jade garden at star house, and the decks at spasso and ricepaper at ocean terminal. i took some visitors to ricepaper recently and they absolutely loved it. BLT steak has a good view, but check there's no cruiseliner out front which will block the entire view - by the time it leaves, the restaurant will make you leave too...

        1. One of my favorites has always been the Chinese restaurant at the InterCon, Yan Toh Heen. It's one of the best Cantonese restaurants and has a harbor view by the windows.

          Spoon and Nobu also have views and I can't complain about the quality of food at either place.

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            Yes! Totally agree with Peech! Yan Toh Heen is a great choice. Always thought it should deserve a Michelin star!
            Another place I love is the Oyster bar in the Sheraton across from the Inter-Con. A plate of freshly sliced Spanish Serrano ham, a few Belons or Galway flats and a nice glass of white wine should go pretty well with the great view!

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              YEAH for chinese place at Intercon hotel.

            2. Last trip (2007) our hotel recommended us to Prince Restaurant 香港王子饭店 on the 11th floor of 1 Peking Road (Kowloon side) - food was good and we had a fabulous view. Not terribly expensive (but we didn't get into the shark's fin etc.). Googled the restaurant and found this post which is useful, I think: http://www.arthurhungry.com/archives/...

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                You should try "Maxim's Palace" on the 3rd floor of the City Hall in Hong Kong (http://www.openrice.com/restaurant/sr...). The dim sum is not excellent but definitely above average and worth going. Very popular with tourists and foreigners. The main draw is the spectacular view of the Kowloon city line from it's massive ceiling to floor windows. I would definitely suggest making a reservation instead of walking in since that place gets packed during lunch time.

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                  unfortunately Maxim's Palace doesn't take reservations at lunch - get there early (11 ish on a weekday, 10 ish on a weekend) or late (2 ish). You can book for dinner though

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                    gotta mention that i am a "regular foreigner" in HK.

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                    food so-so and u need a microphone to hear yourself speaking. won't recommend maxim's for entertaining friends, especially foreigners.

                2. Pierre at the Mandarin Oriental is worth a look too, although if it's the night view you are after then it's probably better to be on Kowloon side

                  1. Wouldn't really eat there but go to Sevva for a drink outside - the view is amazing.

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                      Agree! Pierre's food can be hit or miss! For the money, spend it at L'Atelier Robuchon instead. Though no view!

                    2. any other suggestions as to where to go for a scenic drink? Have done the Felix thing, will look into Sevva. What about the bar at Hotel LKF? Any other suggestions?

                      1. Aqua in Peking Road is another (expensive) option.

                        1. If it's Kowloon-view you're looking for, Isola is another good option where you can head to without breaking the bank - should cost between $400-$800 per person. Their tiramisu is heavenly, and their seafood choices aren't bad either. I've heard good stuff about their pizzas, but I can't bring myself to go to a decent restaurant to eat pizza.

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                            The pizza isn't bad at all, but the tomato soup is excellent!

                          2. Has anyone tried Le 188 Restaurant and Lounge in the new Harbour Grand Hotel in North Point/Tin Hau?

                            I don't have much for the food (just an impression) but the view is...well...have a look for yourself:

                            1. Any suggestions for chines seafood orientated places that have a great view and are not too exoensive