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Apr 27, 2009 01:20 AM

Nice/Cannes and in between - Eating Advice

We are doing a last minute five daty trip to the cote starting on Wednesday staying in between Nice and Cannes. I have been to the cote several times and eaten at the following decent/good restaurants. Don Camillo, Le Tire-Bouchon, and Boccaccio. The rest has all been very uneventful. The people I am staying with no nothing about food and I really don't want to follow there suggestions. We have a car so location isn't an issue but we also have a 11 month old who although well behaved is still 11 months old so relaxed kid friendly is better. We will also have a babysitter for two of the nights. I am not interested in a 4 hour bouillabaisse but I would like some new interesting places. Also any suggestions for fabulous food shops would be appreciated. I have done the markets in Old Nice and Antibes numerous time. Thanks in advance ;)

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  1. L'Aromate and Le Diamant Noir were the hidden jewels in Nice, but L'Aromate has been outed in the new Guide Michelin. I hear nothing but good things about the new Flaveur and Millésime 82, but have not been to either one yet. I wouldn't take an eleven-month-old to any of these.

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      We went to Millésime 82 last evening. I highly recommend it. The six-course menu for 50€ is an incredible bargain.

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        Thanks, we are already back from our trip but will be going again in July and I will keep these in mind.