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Apr 26, 2009 10:11 PM

Toronto, Monday night, dining alone (preferably bar), great food and wine

I'm in Toronto for business for 2 nights and staying near the airport but want to come into the center city for a nice dinner for just ME! Since it's just me, I tend to prefer to sit at a bar but definitely want more than just bar food.

I love more "locavore" type places in NY, SF, etc... but am open to something a bit out there also. I read some reviews of Colborne Lane and thought this sounded great but do they have a bar for single diners?


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  1. There is a bar at CL. It might be a little slow-ish on a Monday night, but it's definitely hospitable for single diners.

    1. Agree with Rabbit about CL. JK Wine Bar is a great spot for a solo diner, especially if you sit at the chef's bar (even the bar bar is nice, but I enjoy chatting with the chefs more than the servers). It's focus is very local, though the cuisine is not "out there" by any stretch.

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        I recommend the bar at Canoe. Best view in the city (54th floor of the TD Tower), exceptional food and near-perfect service.