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Apr 26, 2009 09:05 PM

Molly Moon's-Capitol Hill (Seattle)

Ok I never really got Molly Moon’s in Wallingford… it was crowded filled with wealthy children with very sticky hands, and although I loved the texture of the ice cream the flavors never did it for me, great ideas poor execution (read my review of Half Pint). For instance the Salted Caramel was too salty, and I am a salt fiend, or the coffee had little coffee ground still in it, yuch.

But tonight my opinion was completely changed! The Salted Black Licorice Ice Cream is my new official flavor of choice. I love love love salted black licorice (sbl). I love sbl so much I gave it as party favors at my wedding. And this ice cream perfectly captures everything I love about it and enrobes those wonderful flavors in high fat creamy ice cream OMG.

I did see one lady scraping the baby beet sorbet off her double scoop, when asked she said it was good but too intense. I am eager to try other flavors but honestly I could walk back for another scoop of the SBL.

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  1. For the life of me, I will never understand why Molly Moon's gets repeatedly mentioned here and in other online venues, while the Husky Deli (which produces far, far, far superior ice cream) lives in internet obscurity. Compare the maple flavors at Molly Moon's vs. Husky Deli, and it's impossible not to notice how deficient the former is in flavor and texture. (FWIW, I'm currently addicted to Husky Deli's Mocha Oreo ice cream, and dream of the day when Banana Oreo makes its long-overdue return.)

    Old School Frozen Custard is cool, too - and I look forward to their Cap Hill location opening - but the Husky Deli is a true treasure. Molly Moon's is a pretentious wannabe in my book, at least so far.

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    1. re: terrier

      I couldn't agree more. I just don't get it.

      1. re: Lauren

        I have to third the lukewarm reviews of Molly Moon's ice cream. While I LOVE the decor and the feel of the stores, both of 'em, I just don't think the ice cream flavors are very good at all. The flavors are not more than the sum of their parts, in some cases, like balsamic strawberry: yes, there is balsamic flavor... and strawberry flavor... and they just sort of lie there not adding up to anything sublime or even close to it. I like the salted caramel but agree it is too salty... and I love salt, too! The coffee: below average, same with all the others I have tried. It's hype! Excited to try Huskie Deli, though!

        1. re: completeeater

          Where's/what's Husky Deli?

          I think Molly Moon's success is not surprising -- they really have the whole Seattle package: quirky flavors, nods to local suppliers, local ownership, well designed space, good location...I like their product, but even if it was only OK they'd probably do pretty well.

          1. re: pusherman

            Husky Deli is a deli that makes and sells ice cream (among other delectables) in West Seattle. It's definitely an institution. -

      2. re: terrier

        Love the Frozen Custard popping up around here.

        Four Peaks on 65th has been open a few months now.

            1. re: not the bad Steve

              and Capitol Hill Seattle report a third ice creamery!


              If it’s true you are what you eat. My blood is going to turn into butter fat, my skin in to cone, and my hair into jimmies.

              1. re: Charles

                I hope there's room for so much desert in the Hill (don't forget cupcakes coming on Pike/12th)...I'm worried it will be a repeat of the pizza wars of earlier this year, where a worthy competitor got squeezed out of the market (RIP Pizza Fusion).

      3. The original comment has been removed
        1. "(read my review of Half Pint)"

          Where, pray tell?

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          1. re: maple99

            Mega dittos. Wanted to like it. Can't.

          2. I too was underwhelmed by Molly Moon's ice cream - I visited the Wallingford location back when they first opened and then the Capitol Hill location this past weekend. I don't remember what I had the first time (not a good sign, as good food experiences stick with me forever) but this time I tried the coffee and the chocolate with caramel sauce. The coffee did indeed have grounds in it, which must be intentional. It wasn't bad, but I would prefer smooth and creamy. The chocolate was "eh", entirely unremarkable (although not bad). My friend had the salted caramel, which was reported to also be WAY too salty. I left thinking, this is what I get for $7 (!!!) and a 30 minute wait? No, thank you.

            1. I think the best option at Molly Moon's is the sundaes.
              They do some fun, intricate things.

              I agree that ice cream itself isn't spectacular, but you put homemade fudge sauce or berry compote or candied nuts on it, and it takes it to another level.

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              1. re: GreenYoshi

                Many places do homemade fudge and fresh berry compote. Many places do homemade waffle cones. Frozen custard places like Peaks and Old School make the *ice cream* fresh on the spot! Somehow though people believe that Molly Moon's is special in these regards. Why? I think Molly or whomever has done a fantastic job marketing a mystique. "This place is so cool you have to stand in line to get it". Even at the very beginning they did whatever they could (including the design of the shops) to get that line formed because then the power of the line takes over. People say "Oh, a line, it must be great". As an ice cream shop owner in the midwest for 10 years it's very interesting. I never thought of that and I have to tip my hat to MM, not for the ice cream, but for the great hype generation.