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Apr 26, 2009 09:03 PM

Where's the Beets??? [STL]

I moved here form Colorado just about a year ago and really just starting to get my bearings. I love food and have been eating out a lot. However, I would like to explore the fresh markets in St. Louis and would like some feedback. I live in the Grove area but am willing to go anywhere (since no one in STL likes to travel beyond certain geographic areas).

I have seen Clayton (Lotsa vendors, no produce, no character. Soulard..well I know its near and dear to STL hearts, well its a dump. No food vendors, all the same stuff, little homegrown novelty stuff. Gee, more peaches.....

I went to Kirkwood last week and produce. I guess the reality is MO has no fresh produce now. I did find some plants for our new front yard. However, I did have breakfast at Babalu's Snack Shack. Great breakfast burrito and they were willing to make a special order. Get the #1 with crispy pulled pork and pickled onion, The "3 Little Pigs" sandwich was a study in pork and eggs. My boyfriend, not only couldn't put it down but didn't. He at it in 6 bites.. well maybe 8. I'll be back for lunch,

Where else can I find a good market with good grub?

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  1. The Wednesday market in Maplewood offers a large selection. Its still early in the season so give it a chance. They start at 4PM and are located at the Bottleworks.

    1. The Tower Grove Farmers market is one of the best in the area. It starts this weekend with a festival. The crepes are wonderful there.

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        My goodness, yes, the best is indeed in the middle of Tower Grove Park, behind the big round wading pool and its pavillion. Great kid and dog watching in warm weather. You can find it at

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          A little more info to add on to my earlier post. Here is a link to farmers markets in missouri

          Gives all of the contact info for them. Also, just so you know, there are more farmers at soulard not just resellers as the season progresses. They are there in the biggest numbers on Saturday. I usually head there during strawberry season when they glut the market for my preserves making as it can be cheaper than the Tower Grove market. I have not yet gone to the Ferguson market, but I have been told it is good as well.

          You might also try Local Harvest Grocery and Cafe as a good place for local food.

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            Yes! Yes! Tower Grove Farmers Market. Very small. Very local. There is a crepe man who makes one sweet, one savory every week. Crafts. Music. It has a great neighborhood feel and I think it's struggling a little bit (it's only its 3rd year) so definately go out and give it some support.

        2. sevendaysally,
          I also live in Forest Park Southeast. Just head west on Manchester Ave. to the Maplewood Farmer's Market on Wednesday afternoons, 4-7 pm. I was there two days ago, and the market was awash in in many kinds of fresh greens, sprouts, radishes, bok choy, rhubarb, asparagus, mushrooms, eggs, meat, etc. Several new farmers this year. There are also several stands with baked goods, chocolates, fruit butters, incredible goat cheeses, etc.
          Do give it a try!