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Apr 26, 2009 08:41 PM

ponchatoula strawberries

Are ponchatoula strawberries still in season? Are they available at a regular grocery store (like Rouses on Carrolton)? If not, do you know where I could find some this week?


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  1. Yes, I've still seen them around. You could get them at Whole Foods or Crescent City Farmers Market.

    1. If you were to drive to LaPlace they are $12 a flat under the I-10 at the first exit. If you go to Ponchatoula they are ten bucks a flat.

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      1. re: mrsfury

        I actually saw the strawberries sellers at the I-10 exit in Laplace, but couldn't take them back with me, so I didn't stop. They sure looked gorgeous though. If I was driving home I sure would've bought some, didn't need to torture myself.

      2. We just did a fundraiser selling them for my church. We sold 130 flats in a matter of days. I guess they really are good! I had never heard of them before this. I didn't get to sample any, unfortunately...I was out of town when they were delivered. The grower told us that the season is from Dec-April and that we can buy more starting then. We were supposed to get more flats, but the recent storms/rains prevented it.

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        1. re: amylovescupcakes

          They are much sweeter, flavorful, and less expensive this season than any in recent memory

          1. re: paz5559

            And I was thinking the exact opposite: I haven't seen flats for less than $10 (I can recall $8 and less within the last few years), and the berries have been large but relatively bland. Maybe you are geographically closer to the farmers than I am, which might account for lower prices.

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              I just bought a flat on the side of US 90...$10, but it has a bunch of lagniappe berries piled on top.

        2. I've seen them at the Gretna Farmers Market and the Tues & Sat. Crescent City Farmers Markets for $12/flat, $7 or $8 a half flat. Rouses should have them as well, but probably more expensive.

          The Crescent City Farmers Market
          700 Magazine Street Corner of Girod Magazine Street, New Orleans, LA