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Apr 26, 2009 08:37 PM

Recommendations for lunch in New Braunfels

My sister's b-day is this week, and we are going to meet in New Braunfels. Is there any place good for lunch? Excluding "German" restaurants, from Germany and no place tastes like home! :) Just looking for a nice place that is not a chain. Thanks for the help!

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  1. Hi- I live part time in NB & depending on what you're in the mood for, there are a few diff. non-chain options in the area.
    1. Grist Mill- great atmosphere along the river banks in Gruene (just a mile or two from NB). Nothing to die for- just basic burgers, etc- but usually solid food in unique setting.
    2. Riverhouse Tea Room. - also in Gruene. Little old house converted into tea room. Good "lunchy" items like soup, sandwich & quiche.
    3. Cooper's BBQ- still not as good as the llano outpost IMO, but better than most BBQ. Very sterile setting, but I've yet to have a bad meal there.
    and finally, my two top choices:
    *Huisache Grill- tucked in a little old house right off the square, HG has great atmosphere & a much more sophisticated & creative menu than you'd expect in NB. One of my favorites in town- where i always take friends when in town.
    *Finally, you mention NB, but Wimberley is actually very close (10-15mins) and is home to another one of my favorite spots- The Leaning Pear. Great lunch choices, very "local" feel & atmosphere.

    A quick google search will bring up all of these spots with menus, directions & hours (def. worth checking on- I generally go for dinner & am not 100% sure of their lunch hours).

    Have a great time!

    1. ehill03 has some good recommendations--we had a nice lunch at Leaning Pear this past Saturday. I'll mention Liberty Bistro in a converted bank in New Braunfels. They have a full bar and private dining rooms. Hmm, looking at their website it is uncertain if they still offer for lunch (there is a link at the bottom but not the top)--definitely call first. The food at Huisache is probably a bit better and more trendy, but if you wanted another option...

      1. The Gruene Onion and Gruene River Grill are both excellent. Gruene RIver grill has great decks that overlook the river and a Jalepeno Corn Chowder that is sinfully delicious!

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            Can you provide some more details on Clear Springs Cafe?

            1. re: Carter B.

              Clear Springs - BEST ONION RINGS IN THE STATE. PERIOD.

              They are known for the fried catfish and shrimp but have plenty of other dishes to round out the menu.

              Historic building.....i believe Willie used to play there when it was a bar. Family atmosphere.

              Other places in NB I would give the thumbs up to and most have been mentioned already:
              Gruene Onion
              Green River Grill
              Riverhouse Tea Room

              1. re: Carter B.

                Sorry, the post was a little vague. A great little joint a few miles outside of NB. Pretty cool old restaurant. Onion Rings are a must, basically a nice fried catfish casual joint.


            2. There is one item to die for at the Grist Mill...the beef tenderloin sandwich.